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Spirit Counters

Hits: 245

CGI For Me: Counter

Hits: 534

ToolZONE: Traffic Counter

Hits: 366
See how much traffic your
This is a simple image-based
With an unlimited choice of
Just a counter? Just
site is getting by using
counter that displays the
digit sets (users can even
Statistic or Both? The
Spirit Counters. You can
amount of people visiting
upload their own) which can
counter offers many
pick your own counter style.
your page, every time
be made visible or invisible
different counter faces, all
somebody visits your page
on the pages, users can
can be found in the demo.
the image goes up by one
count total or unique visits
The statistics show the
(1). The counter increases
to their Home Page, Event
Referal of the person, IP
each time the page is loaded.
Planner, Book Club Page,
Address, Broswer/OS, Date
etc. Backend reporting
and Time of visit.
provides the user with a
calendar layout and the
option to track unique IP
addresses to identify where
their traffic is coming from
today, this week, this
month, or this year.

Date: Aug, 24 1999

Date: Jul, 29 1999

Date: Jul, 20 1999

Date: Jul, 17 1999
A handy, graphical counter
A visual counter which
Use CountMan to keep track of
Now you can update your
displaying number of
supports multiple counters,
how many unique hits you get
visitor counter features
visitors to your page. You
detailed stats for each
every day. You can choose
whenever you want. Keep its
also get valuable
counter, an optional clock
from over 100 fonts for your
appearance consistent, make
statistical data on the hits
that appears with your
CountMan counter!
it change its face everytime
to your webpages from its
counter, and many different
it shows up or even make it
Statistics section.
counter styles.

Date: Jul, 17 1999

Date: Jul, 16 1999

Date: Jul, 16 1999

Date: Jul, 11 1999
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