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AdWatcher is a revolutionary,
BasicStat.Com is a free
Online Users Counter,Text Hit
related sites. Submit your
all-in-one tool that helps
online visitors stats
Counter,Graphic Counters,Ip
site to the most relevant
you manage your online
service. We provide
logger + Displayer,Plug
category and copy and paste
advertising (Pay Per Click,
real-time stats about online
Board,Password Protect your
the counter code into your
banners, newsletters, etc.),
visitors of your site. Stats
pages,Ban Users Ips,and more
site. The counter keeps
track your Return on
include Visitors IP Address
track of daily unique
Investment (ROI), and
or Hostname, Requested URL
visitors and uses this data
monitor your ad campaigns
of your web site, Visitors
to rank your site in the
for fraudulent activity (and
Country, Visitors Browser
directory according to your
get your money back). With
and Referred Web Pages. No
unique traffic. You can log
advanced features, such as
Registration Required. Just
into your account any time
Split Testing, PPC keyword
cut and paste snipped
to see your total unique
tracking, and mobile/wap
javascript code on your web
reports, this is a perfect
tool for any business that
wants to improve its
advertising techniques.

Date: Apr, 09 2005

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Date: Feb, 19 2005
Ever wanted to see how many
Get a free hit counter for
Know the number of the hits
ASMHosting.com offer free
visitors are on your site in
your web site. Easy to read
in your site simple cut and
unlimited hit counter
real time, but also who is
statistical graphs and
paste code!!!
services for all. Including
online? Now you can. Your
tables. No ads are
Page count and download
visitors can submit their
displayed on your website.
counts you can customise the
username so your counter
Incredibly easy to use -
display or our site to how
looks like this. Bill,
no software to install, just
you want it - you can even
Steven and 14 guests are
a simple SCRIPT entry.
make it hidden! Logging
online! We provide you
everything about your
that service for free and
visitors including IP
much much more. No banners
address, page views, Screen
add`s or anoying pop-up`s.
Size, OS etc etc this is a
You have a detailed
powerfull free service.
statistics overview, and
your are able to modify the
look of the counter anyway
you want.

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Feb, 05 2005

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