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The textcounter.tk service
Add a free webcounter to your
A free service that allows
Free-Counters offer free
offers no statistics, but a
site, just copy/paste a
you to show how many
WebPage counters and
very smart textcounter, that
simple code to your
visitors are currently on
statistics for your pages to
is counting your
homepage. Receive stats via
your site.
keep track of all your
visitors. Very easy to
visitors. There are a
setup. You can set up the
variety of different
value of the counter and the
counters to choose from by
reloadblock. textcounter.tk
using its unique colour
has included now a simply

Date: Jan, 06 2003

Date: Jul, 23 2002

Date: Jul, 23 2002

Date: Jun, 04 2002
This unique counter service
Custom Count lets you use
EasySiteStats (formerly
GameCounter uses image styles
is designed to offer
your own graphics for the
MecaLog) offers high speed
based on a variety of video
webmasters and website
counter background and
graphical and invisible
games, movies, television
owners to track the visitors
numbers. You can make the
logging counters. Logs
shows, anime, and related
on their site. Because
look od the counter anyway
include host/ip, referer,
topics. There are over 200
Counter is remotely hosted,
you want and make it fit the
agent, time & date,
image styles available.
there is no software for you
theme of your website. It
resolution & color,
Other options include
to install or download. You
tracks statistics including
online time, page
invisiblity, reload
simply paste a section of
Browser, OS, AOL Version,
impressions and top
blocking, many background
HTML code into each page you
and domain.
keywords. Easy account
colors to choose from,
wish to track; after that,
maintenance right at your
transparency, not counting
your counter will be
fingertips. EastSiteStats is
one's own visits, and some
instantly updated every time
a totally free service.
statistics recording.
your page is loaded.
Features include: Select
font for your counter,
Select font color and
background color to match
your site, Displays how many
visitors are ONLINE on your
site, Displays the top 10
hosts and browser types for
visitors to your site,
support for hidden counter,
and more.

Date: Oct, 31 2001

Date: Sep, 24 2001

Date: Sep, 03 2001

Date: Oct, 31 2000
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