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WebsiteGoodies Ad Rotator

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TradeMyTraffic! AdZones

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AdvertMarket is a unique
WebsiteGoodies offers a free
A remotely hosted advertising
AdZones allow webmasters to
solution for online
ad rotation service. You can
solution that provides
automatically sell
advertising. Webmasters can
serve unlimited banners on
centralized, outsourced ad
advertising space directly
setup adspaces on their
your website, each with its
management and delivery
from their website. Any
webpages and are listed in
own login for statistics
banner size may be sold, and
our directory. Advertisers
(plus an overview page for
advertisers have full
can browse and search our
the administrator) and
control over their campaigns.
directory for their targeted
weight settings.
needs, placing banners on
many different adspaces from
different websites and pay
with only one transaction.
Webmasters can keep 90.5% of
their earnings.

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: Jul, 09 2003

Date: Oct, 18 2001

Date: May, 07 2003
Banner-Rotation allows you to
EasyAdvertise.com is a text
Hitvendor is designed to
display one of your own 10
ad serving network and
automate ad manangent for
possible banners in any size
marketplace. Webmasters
webmasters and give both
you like on your homepage.
simply sign up and can serve
webmasters and advertisers
custom text ads on their
the best use of their
site monetizing from all
resources. Hitvendor serves
their hard work.
Text box, Text link, and
Advertisers can easily and
banner formats. Advertisers
automatically purchase CPM
have the option to buy ads
based advertising from
directly through webmaster
EasyAdvertise sites in just
sites or with our pay per
minutes. All payments are
click network. Ad zones
made via PayPal and
are 100% customizable
webmasters are paid out on a
allowing the webmaster to
monthly basis.
integrate ads using both CSS
and HTML. Earnings payments
are made monthly via check
or PayPal and advertising
can be purchased with
PayPal, Credit Card or using
on site funds.
Hitvendor is the total
advertising solution!

Date: Jul, 19 1999

Date: Dec, 29 2003

Date: Dec, 22 2003
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