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Nabaza Free Ads Tool

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Nabaza Free Ads Tool - offers
Track hits by using different
TAGword.com is a
TrackMyLink is a powerful
free ads to 100,000 websites
URL's for each ad
revolutionary text-based
tool for tracking the
in just one click right in
campaign You can assign a
advertising system that has
effectiveness of your ad
the comfort of your desktop.
unique name to each link you
you making money from your
campaigns. Tracks
create, with a note to
website directly from your
impressions, clicks,
identify it in your
visitors. TAGword uses
uniques, registrations,
stats. Track
industry standard ad sizes
signups, sales, or leads for
Anywhere Track hits from
to display ads and has 9 ad
all of your campaigns. You
any site you send traffic to
sizes and three categories
can view your stats by any
(i.e. affiliate programs,
to choose from. You set the
select date or range of
safelists,)and / or label
prices, you set the colors,
dates. Detailed redirector
them to know from where you
you control every aspect of
stats show you exactly how
sent them. Password
the way your ads are
many registrations, leads,
Protected Admin area Shows
displayed. Signup is free
signups, or sales generated
all referring URLs, Track
and fee's are nominal, and
from each of your traffic
total hits and total unique
if your site qualifies, you
sources, during any period
hits, All hits logged in an
can get a commission-free
of time.
easy to read graphical
format. Ability to edit all
links you have made. Exact
Time Formatting Track hits
and unique hits by month,
day, even down to the
hour! Complete
Statistics Shows ratio of
unique hits to total hits.
Graphically formatted to
give you a complete view of
every stat detail of your

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Date: May, 20 2002
Banner4All offers a free ad
CoregMedia is a highly
This is a free banner
What can this site do for
management service that
evolved end-to-end
exchange with free mailing
you: Do you have an
supports both GIF and HTML
co-registration and lead
list and counter for Swedish
insufficent number of
banners. The Administration
generation network for
speaking sites.
visitors to your homepage?
module provides you with
online publishers and
With our absolutely free of
detailed statistics for
advertisers. Our network has
charge textlink-exchange, it
campaigns and banners. The
generated millions of leads
is possible for you to
system can be used as a
for businesses who enjoy the
advertise your site on
stand alone banner rotation
benefits of our turn-key
several other sites. In
system or used as a third
platform and
return you will have to
party solution to keep track
insert a few textlinks into
of your sponsors, banner
data quality standards.
your site. * FREE 300
exchange agreements etc.
Our client list
credits or 150 visitors upon
includes Fortune 500
joining * FREE 100
companies like Proctor
credits for every referral
& Gamble, Verizon
* FREE 1 solo ad to 4,000
Communications, Citigroup,
opt-in members
Wal-Mart Stores, and EBay as
well as hundreds of other
small and medium size
businesses. CoregMedia is
produced, owned and operated
by Trancos, Inc.

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