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WebsiteGoodies Ad Rotator

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TradeMyTraffic! AdZones

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At TEXTads, we believe that
WebsiteGoodies offers a free
AdZones allow webmasters to
AdExpress technology is
text advertising is the
ad rotation service. You can
automatically sell
efficiently designed to
future of Internet
serve unlimited banners on
advertising space directly
provide services to
advertising. That is why we
your website, each with its
from their website. Any
advertisers, publishers and
offer this service: to
own login for statistics
banner size may be sold, and
agencies of all sizes.
enable you to advertise with
(plus an overview page for
advertisers have full
AdXpress will become an
text on the World Wide Web.
the administrator) and
control over their campaigns.
integral part of your
You can also earn money by
weight settings.
information technology
hosting text advertisements
infrastructure and your
on your Web site as an
daily preferred tool of your
affiliate member.
marketing team. AdXpress, in
addition to ad delivery and
reporting, will gladly
supply all participating
sites (publishers, networks,
agency’s) with their own
login account and reporting.

Date: Jul, 29 2003

Date: Jul, 09 2003

Date: May, 07 2003

Date: Jun, 10 2002
Disco provides web publishers
TrackMyLink is a powerful
Powerful tool for tracking
AdsManagement.com is a
and advertisers easy,
tool for tracking the
hits by using different
service designed for
affordable and powerful
effectiveness of your ad
URL's for each ad campaign.
webmasters who wish to
Flash banner administration,
campaigns. Tracks
This is a remotely hosted
simplify and manage
serving, tracking and
impressions, clicks,
advertisements on their
reporting services. Some
uniques, registrations,
sites. Includes the
features: Flash ads are
signups, sales, or leads for
management of image banners
enabled with one line HTML
all of your campaigns. You
as well as media banners
code; 14 different formats
can view your stats by any
like the banners from the
are supported; up to 10 ads
select date or range of
advertising networks.
per account; banner priority
dates. Detailed redirector
option (weight); banner
stats show you exactly how
many registrations, leads,
date/views/clicks; detailed
signups, or sales generated
daily and monthly
from each of your traffic
statistics; advertiser
sources, during any period
access. Free trial.
of time.

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Date: Dec, 17 2001
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