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Banner4All Free Ad mamagement

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CGISpy.com Random Banner

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A remotely hosted advertising
AdRotate.net offers a free
Banner4All offers a free ad
Rotate advertisements on your
solution that provides
banner ad rotation and
management service that
site seamlessly and easily
centralized, outsourced ad
tracking service for Web
supports both GIF and HTML
with the CGISpy.com Random
management and delivery
sites. Its well designed
banners. The Administration
Banner service.
system combines advanced
module provides you with
software with high quality
detailed statistics for
infrastructure to give you
campaigns and banners. The
the power to manage your
system can be used as a
website advertising.
stand alone banner rotation
AdRotate.net can track the
system or used as a third
performance of each
party solution to keep track
individual ad including
of your sponsors, banner
Banner impressions, clicks,
exchange agreements etc.
revenue, click-through-ratio
and more. AdRotate.net also
allows the creation of
multiple groups which allows
you to individually manage
different ad placements
across your page template.
Its advertising campaign
reports contain the vital
statistics that are updated
in real time. AdRotate.net
gives you total control over
every aspect of your ad. It
supports all standard
IAB/CASIE banner sizes, rich
media banners, text ads and
third party adserving.

Date: Oct, 18 2001

Date: Sep, 18 2001

Date: Jan, 31 2001

Date: Oct, 23 2000
AdvertSERVE is a
Rent your own advertising
This is a free banner
Ad Rotator is an easy way to
remote-hosted instance of
program online. Fast,
exchange with free mailing
rotate banner advertising on
our ad management program,
low-cost and you get all the
list and counter for Swedish
your website. It tracks
options used in yahoo,
speaking sites.
impressions and click
(www.advertpro.com). This
excite and doubleclick.
throughs and reports in real
service is designed for
time with tables and visual
clients who want to use
graphs. Ad Rotator can
AdvertPRO, but who's server
increase your revenue by
will not run it locally, or
eliminating banner burn out.
for those who wish to
Ad Rotator serve 10% of
off-load the demands of ad
their ads on your page.
serving from their site
server. The AdvertSERVE
service can really save you
a lot of money if you use,
or are considering using,
other ad serving services
which charge you monthly
fees or percentages of your
ad revenue.

Date: Aug, 30 2000

Date: Aug, 02 2000

Date: Apr, 15 2000

Date: Aug, 24 1999
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