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The next generation in
OrbitCycle is a free of
Powerful tool for tracking
Rent your own advertising
pay-per-click revenue tools.
charge, remotely hosted,
hits by using different
program online. Fast,
Display google-like ads
statistical tracking, banner
URL's for each ad campaign.
low-cost and you get all the
(with images!) for ANY
rotation engine. It
This is a remotely hosted
options used in yahoo,
affiliate products,
features: Real Time Detailed
excite and doubleclick.
targeting ANY niche, no
Statistics, Unlimited Banner
matter what affiliate system
Resolutions, Banner Set
they use - not just
Options, Banner Priorities,
ClickBank. Niche Power Ads
Rich Media" Banner
is the quick and easy
support and more. The
solution for creating and
service requires 10% of the
managing customized
banner impressions run
affiliate product ad-blocks.
through your account to be
You have complete control of
usable by OrbitCycle.
what is displayed on your
site - choose from our
existing ads, modify them,
or create your own. Define
your own targeted groups of
ads that you can rotate on
your site to ensure 100%
relevancy and increase your
click through rates.
Maximize your website's
money making power,
harnessing the effectiveness
of pay-per-click
advertising, combined with
the income potential of the
best affiliate programs
targeting your niche.
Generate the highest CTRs
and skyrocket your
commissions with customized,
laser-targeted, Niche Power

Date: Feb, 16 2005

Date: Jul, 18 1999

Date: Feb, 20 2002

Date: Aug, 02 2000
Designed to analyze your
This is a free banner
TAGword.com is a
At TEXTads, we believe that
internet ad campaigns. You
exchange with free mailing
revolutionary text-based
text advertising is the
can understand if your
list and counter for Swedish
advertising system that has
future of Internet
online campaigns are worth
speaking sites.
you making money from your
advertising. That is why we
the money you are putting
website directly from your
offer this service: to
into them.
visitors. TAGword uses
enable you to advertise with
industry standard ad sizes
text on the World Wide Web.
to display ads and has 9 ad
You can also earn money by
sizes and three categories
hosting text advertisements
to choose from. You set the
on your Web site as an
prices, you set the colors,
affiliate member.
you control every aspect of
the way your ads are
displayed. Signup is free
and fee's are nominal, and
if your site qualifies, you
can get a commission-free

Date: May, 13 2005

Date: Apr, 15 2000

Date: Aug, 22 2003

Date: Jul, 29 2003
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