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Ad Rotator is an easy way to
A remotely hosted advertising
AdWatcher is a real-time ad
ad-rotator.com offers
rotate banner advertising on
solution that provides
tracking service that offers
site-owners the tools to:
your website. It tracks
centralized, outsourced ad
live reporting that gives
manage ad inventory online
impressions and click
management and delivery
you a complete picture of
anytime anywhere, rotate
throughs and reports in real
how well your online
& deliver ads on
time with tables and visual
advertising is really doing.
your websites, track
graphs. Ad Rotator can
It works with any
real-time ad performance and
increase your revenue by
pay-per-click search engine,
monitor detailed visitor
eliminating banner burn out.
banner advertisements,
information. Some
Ad Rotator serve 10% of
newsletters, or any other
highlights: premium plans
their ads on your page.
form of advertising and
start at 9.95$/mo, no
provides you with detailed
programming knowledge
reports on your expenses,
required, detailed reports
profits, sales, and much
on ad performance &
more. Free 14-day trial.
visitors, intuitive
graphical tools to manage
and serve ads, unlimited
access 24/7, no software to

Date: Aug, 24 1999

Date: Oct, 18 2001

Date: May, 21 2004

Date: Sep, 14 2004
adformnace is a unique
AdRotate.net offers a free
This unofficial Adsense test
AdsManagement.com is a
solution for online
banner ad rotation and
tool lets you test what
service designed for
advertising. Webmasters can
tracking service for Web
Google Adsense Ads are most
webmasters who wish to
setup adspaces on their
sites. Its well designed
likely to be served on your
simplify and manage
webpages and are listed in
system combines advanced
pages. Before you
advertisements on their
our directory. Advertisers
software with high quality
register in Google's Adsense
sites. Includes the
can browse and search our
infrastructure to give you
program, you can benefit
management of image banners
directory for their targeted
the power to manage your
greatly from this free
as well as media banners
needs, placing banners on
website advertising.
tool. When you enter the
like the banners from the
many different adspaces from
AdRotate.net can track the
url for your website or
advertising networks.
different websites and pay
performance of each
website pages, Google will
with only one transaction.
individual ad including
serve Adsense Ads that it
Webmasters can keep 85% of
Banner impressions, clicks,
feels matches your content.
their earnings.
revenue, click-through-ratio
You can use this information
and more. AdRotate.net also
as an indication to how well
allows the creation of
you are targeting the
multiple groups which allows
content of your site.
you to individually manage
different ad placements
across your page template.
Its advertising campaign
reports contain the vital
statistics that are updated
in real time. AdRotate.net
gives you total control over
every aspect of your ad. It
supports all standard
IAB/CASIE banner sizes, rich
media banners, text ads and
third party adserving.

Date: Mar, 22 2006

Date: Sep, 18 2001

Date: Apr, 03 2005

Date: Dec, 17 2001
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