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Adsense Ad test tool

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Nabaza Bargain Finder

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AdWatcher is a revolutionary,
Manage, host and deliver
This unofficial Adsense test
Nabaza Bargain Finder -
all-in-one tool that helps
advertisements for your
tool lets you test what
offers lots of bargain
you manage your online
websites. Track real-time ad
Google Adsense Ads are most
hunting and bargain finders
advertising (Pay Per Click,
performance, monitor
likely to be served on your
right in the comfort of your
banners, newsletters, etc.),
detailed visitor
pages. Before you
track your Return on
information. Highlights:
register in Google's Adsense
Investment (ROI), and
premium plans start at
program, you can benefit
monitor your ad campaigns
9.95$/mo, no programming
greatly from this free
for fraudulent activity (and
knowledge required, detailed
tool. When you enter the
get your money back). With
reports on ad performance
url for your website or
advanced features, such as
and visitors, unlimited web
website pages, Google will
Split Testing, PPC keyword
interface access 24/7.
serve Adsense Ads that it
tracking, and mobile/wap
On-demand, no software to
feels matches your content.
reports, this is a perfect
download, use what you need,
You can use this information
tool for any business that
all plus free support.
as an indication to how well
wants to improve its
you are targeting the
advertising techniques.
content of your site.

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Podcaster Ads is an advanced
Place your banner on our
ad-rotator.com offers
AdWatcher is a real-time ad
flat-rate advertising
entire network and our for
site-owners the tools to:
tracking service that offers
solution for Webmasters.
as little as $5.00 @ $0.05
manage ad inventory online
live reporting that gives
Simply include a javascript
per click! You can burn up
anytime anywhere, rotate
you a complete picture of
snippet on your site and
10,000 impressions in a
& deliver ads on
how well your online
you're on your way to
matter of days but, with our
your websites, track
advertising is really doing.
earning flat-rate
system, you can advertise
real-time ad performance and
It works with any
advertising income from your
all year long and Never
monitor detailed visitor
pay-per-click search engine,
websites, blogs, podcasts,
worry about banner
information. Some
banner advertisements,
and vidcasts. Your text ads
advertising again. No messy
highlights: premium plans
newsletters, or any other
are fully customizable and
codes to place on your site,
start at 9.95$/mo, no
form of advertising and
signup is free.
no need to advertise with
programming knowledge
provides you with detailed
traffic generators that
required, detailed reports
reports on your expenses,
don't work because we
on ad performance &
profits, sales, and much
advertise for you! All
visitors, intuitive
more. Free 14-day trial.
traffic is highly targeted
graphical tools to manage
and only people that are
and serve ads, unlimited
intrested in your site will
access 24/7, no software to
visit. Our site is advertise
24/7/365 so, not only will
our affiliates be
advertising your site, we
will be too. If you are
intrested in becoming an
affiliate, we will reward
you with extra time for each
of your banners on our

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