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CGI and Perl

CyberTrakker gives you total
The APTLauncher lets you
control of your affiliate
automatically launch your
and marketing tracking
presentations (Flash,
systems by putting the whole
PowerPoint, Acrobat,
system in your hands.
executable programs...) and
Includes royalty-free source
integrates a tracking system
code site license. Referal
based on our APT Xtra.
forms, lost password,
Without having to be a
statistic reporting, mass
"programmer". We
pay, paypal integration and
provide the APTLauncher
more! Take a FREE TEST DRIVE!
program and your tracking
scripts are ready to upload
to your server. 30 Day Free
Trial! PHP/MySQl Version
available as well.

Date: May, 27 2003

Date: Apr, 22 2005
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