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Automating MapPoint with Perl

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Developers To Polish New Perl

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"The script below
Perl, PHP, and Python are
Perl, one of the most popular
defines an array with the
used in many software
scripting languages, is
U.S. State names,
projects today due to their
expected to get a massive
instantiates MapPoint, and
flexibility, simplicity,
upgrade when Perl 6 is
loops through the array
portability and
unveiled from its original
saving a map for each state.
extensibility. To help you
author, Larry Wall. This is
Regular readers will
gain a better understanding
a brief discussion on what
recogize this as being very
of their popularity with
improvements and new
similar to the Automating
Open Source developers, this
features to expect for Perl
MapPoint with the .NET SDK
article takes you through a
article published last year
tour of the important
which basically accomplishes
features and functions of
the same thing with the free
Perl and Python. Using
VB .NET compiler found in
these language extensions in
the .NET SDK."
combination with IBM's DB2
database and with Web
services provided through
the Google APIs, they build
a client and server-side
application in both Perl and

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