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The Cgi/Perl Cookbook

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Object Oriented Perl

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Perl By Example

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This book/CD-ROM set offers a
Object Oriented Perl provides
This guide to Web programming
Through proven sample
complete introduction to CGI
an invaluable guide to
teaches you how to extend
programs, Perl By Example
programming with Perl plus a
virtually every aspect of
the capabilities of the
takes readers from their
collection of sophisticated
object-oriented programming
Apache Web server. It
first program to highly
CGI programs that readers
in Perl. It shows the basics
explains the design of
sophisticated scripting.
can use to add popular
of solid object design,
Apache, mod_perl, and the
Updated for Web developers,
functions to their Web
common mistakes and many
Apache API, then
the book teaches CGI
sites, including search
tips for navigating the
demonstrates how to use them
scripting with Perl. Filled
engines, passwords, product
powerful and flexible
to rewrite CGI scripts,
with practical information
databases, a shopping cart,
nuances of using Perl
filter HTML documents on the
on Perl development, Perl by
custom forms, animated
objects. Also covers popular
server-side, enhance server
Example, Third Edition
images, and more. Readers
object modules available
log functionality, convert
covers names and operators,
will learn how to
from CPAN and discusses
file formats on the fly, and
regular expressions, file
incorporate the scripts into
performance issues and the
handles, libraries,
their own Web sites, how to
tradeoff between programming
references, reporting, and
customize them for their own
convenience and speed often
more. Other highlights
goals, and how to use a host
faced by today's Perl
include: Support for Perl on
of other CGI and Perl
developer. Advanced chapters
Unix, Linux, Windows, and
programming tricks to create
cover a number of techniques
Macintosh; CGI Web
unique and interactive Web
for adding persistence and
development with CGI.pm; and
sites. CD-ROM includes all
invoking methods using
Database integration with
the CGI programs from the
multiple dispatching.
Perl DBI. The user-friendly
book--both code and
Topics covered: Perl
style offers one-to-one
ready-to-run versions; a
language review, CPAN, Perl
comparisons with other
full copy of Matt's Script
objects, 'blessing' and
popular languages and
Archive," a collection
inheritance, polymorphism,
utilities and a massive
of the best scripts from
Class::Struct and
reference section for easy
across the Web.
Class::Methodmaker modules,
look-up. The CD-ROM includes
Perl ties and closures,
all source code from the
operator overloading,
book, plus new Perl
encapsulation, multiple
distributions for Windows.
coarse-grained and
fine-grained object
persistence techniques,
performance issues.

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Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
"MySQL and Perl for the
With its broad and deep
Both aspiring and experienced
The motto of Perl is
Web" provides a
coverage of key topics in
Perl programmers will
"There's more than one
much-needed handbook for
advanced Perl programming,
benefit from the expertise
way to do it"-Beginning
database and Web developers
this book is an essential
in this book, whether they
Perl aims to take you
seeking an extensive and
read for developers who are
are looking to develop
through them all. From
detailed guide for using the
interested in integrating
serious applications,
installation, through to the
combination of MySQL and
Perl with various
improve their productivity,
core language elements -
Perl to build dynamic and
technologies and developing
or simply learn a more
regular expressions,
interactive database-backed
sophisticated applications.
powerful and portable
references, modules, and the
Web sites. It shows how to
Building on a working
replacement for shell
like - and on to basic
use Perl's DBI database
knowledge of Perl, this book
scripts. Whatever the task
applied techniques. The book
access module, pairing it
provides clear and detailed
at hand, this book is an
promotes the use of Perl as
with with the CGI.pm module
coverage of its topics using
invaluable, detailed
a programming language,
that allows Web pages and
illustrative examples. Even
resource of the Perl
encouraging the creation of
forms to be generated and
experienced Perl programmers
language. The latest version
legible and sensible
processed easily. These
are certain to find
of the language, Perl 5.6,
programs so as to dispel the
tools provide developers
something new in this book
is used throughout, with
image of Perl as a confusing
with a solid foundation for
about this genuinely
commentary for those with
and obscure language. In
creating applications that
extensible language.
earlier versions.
other words: Don't worry,
incorporate database content
whatever your current
to create dynamic,
experience level in the
up-to-date Web sites.
world of Perl, this book has
something for you.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

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