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UtoreApp is the new way in
CGILance helps webmasters
e-GlobalSolutions.com is an
Free discussion board. Easy
the perl community portals.
find CGI Programmers to
online marketplace that
to sign up. Uses the nice
Is designes to run smouth in
develop, install or modify
connects programmers with
interface of the Simple
the unix/linux and Windows
CGI, Perl, C/C++ & PHP
project managers. Project
Machines forum!
enviroment with no mysql
scripts they need for their
managers post projects for
database yet , with a lot of
site. It allows them to find
FREE and then programmers
mods and features. Requires
the professionals they need
bid the cost of their
minim or knowdlege of perl
at the lowest possible
services for that project.
coding and the instalation
prices. When you post a
A project manager then
is automaticaly by ours
project on CGILance,
chooses the programmer that
install script. UtoreApp is
Programmers essentially
is right for them. Escrow
another product of Unix
compete for your business by
payment system available for
Coder team. UtoreApp stands
bidding on your project much
security and accountability.
for Security Web Automated
like an auction. This real
Custom programming, graphic
Perl Portal, because that is
time approach really works.
and website design. Easy
the idea behind it. You
There are no up front fees
and and Effective!
should be able to set this
at CGILance. You can deposit
site up, and have to work
money in several different
minimally to keep it up.
ways (credit card, PayPal,
Included are topics, forums,
etc.) and the programmers
instant message, who's
can withdraw money in many
online, download section,
ways too, which means you
link section, autoload
don't have to worry about
modules, automatic upgrades,
payment methods. Now with
and more. Have Fun !
more than 1000 Programers!

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Date: Apr, 22 2005
A Christian site offering
E-syfreelance, easy placed,
Based on our popular
Geolance is a fast, easy and
100% FREE service for both
easy build. Find your expert
matchmasters script this is
effective way to outsource
webmasters and freelance
freelance programmers and
a more serious solution for
projects and
programmers! Find expert
designers at the prices you
dating sites. The pro
talent! Whether you have
programmers for scripts you
want to pay. Post your
version uses powerful MYSQL
a skill or have a need for
need at the prices you want
projects and the programmers
database structures and
skilled freelance talent, we
to pay. Post your projects
will place their bids, you
modular code design to allow
can help you achieve your
and programmers will place
choose the price you
complete customization of
design and development
bids, then you choose the
want. Added an online store
the searching/profile
goals. Employers /
one you like. Also offers an
and a forum
parameters and html output
Project Managers: you get
affiliate program.
(cosmetics). Capable of
access to our pool of
altering the search
talented freelance workers
parameters/fields to
to complete your
unlimited option or keyword
project. Freelancers: you
based search fields.
can search bid on projects
with no fees unless you
choose to accept a project!

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