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Cgioutlet.com is a website
Webmasters or other
GOfreelancers is a new
Discussion forums for Perl
written by Web Developers
professionals may post jobs
dynamic website/community
and PHP scripting webmasters.
for Web Developers. We have
and/or projects where
which offers a marketplace
a Frequently Asked Questions
prospective freelance
for Freelancers and Buyers
and Discussion Forums on
professionals can bid for
to meet. If you reqiure a
cgi, html, perl, javascript,
the projects/positions. It
custom project for your nest
css, ssi, database, oracle,
works exactly like an
website or development, from
sybase, mysql, chats,
auction, but the
designing to php scripting,
tutorials, how-tos, and web
professional has more
GO freelancers.
control over the decision
making. FreelanceSpot makes
it easy to expand your
business beyond borders.

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Date: Dec, 16 2002
Freelanceposing.com provides
Let expert programmers create
ForFreelance.com provides an
A community committed to
an online marketplace for
custom scripts for you at
online marketplace for
sharing Perl knowledge and
designers and web site
the prices you want to pay.
designers and web site
coding tips. The site
owners to find programmers
Simply post your projects
owners to find programmers
contains questions and
who bid for their projects.
and programmers will place
who bid for their projects.
answers, useful snippets,
bids, then you choose the
Includes, Flash, CGI, Perl,
and a library of code.
one you like.
PHP, Javascript and other
internet programming skills.
Signup is free, no monthly
payments, and low
commissions for providers.

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