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HitBox Tracker is a Web site
SuperStats is a powerful,
This remotely hosted service
Logs the hour, day, browser,
traffic counter and internet
free web page statistic
allows you to track your
platform, and domain. It
traffic analysis
service to help you track
visitors and graph the hits
also keep a log of the last
tool.Features include: 500
traffic patterns, visitor
on each of your pages. You
fifty hits. It also includes
Web site statistics for page
profiles, and marketing
can easily add and remove a
Browser War, OS War, and
views, unique visitors,
effectiveness of your web
page along with resetting
Average Hits Per Day. In the
referring sites, Tracking of
site. SuperStats tracks your
all of your counters.
admin area, you can reset
user paths through your
stats for as long as you
any or all of your logs.
site, and more.
have an account, and you can
track as many web pages as
you wish. Its exclusive
reports include: Site
traffic reports, Visitor
profile reports, and
Marketing reports.

Date: Nov, 08 1999

Date: Nov, 05 1999

Date: Oct, 22 1999

Date: Oct, 22 1999
This remotely hosted script
It provides you with the
TheCounter.com offers one of
A simple Web site access
allows you to see what links
total number of times the
the most advanced counter
statistics service featuring
on your site people use to
page was requested, the
and tracker services, but
monthly / daily / hourly
get to other sites.
total number of days of
still very easy to use. It's
statistics displayed in
Basically, it counts the
tracking, average requests
free and dosen't require you
graphical formats.
clicks on external links.
per day, total requests per
to put a banner on your
day of the week, total
site. You can choose from 4
requests per hour of the
different counter styles,
day, total requests from top
its logo, logo and visitor
level domains, listing of
count, invisible and
all domains, list of the
traditional style.
last 20 visitor.

Date: Oct, 22 1999

Date: Aug, 25 1999

Date: Aug, 25 1999

Date: Jul, 19 1999
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