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Web Traffic Analysis

SiteSpotting is an online web
statistics service that
offers you accurate and
dependable statistical
analysis about your website.
This tool offers you a
series of statistical
reports ranging from web
traffic analysis reports to
marketing campaign analysis
reports. More specifically
some aspects you can get
information about are:
- Visitor trend reports -
Online visitor monitoring
- Demographics analysis -
Referrers and keywords
analytics - Path analysis
and visitor behaviour -
Page analysis -
Client/Browser specifics
- Sales and marketing
analysis Whether you
want to monitor your website
traffic, identify visitor
trends or keep track of your
marketing campaigns,
SiteSpotting is here to
offer you all the
information you need about
these and many more aspects
of your website’s
functionality. Simply sign
up to our services and let
SiteSpotting do all the rest
- It's time to stop guessing
and time to start using
SiteSpotting – the most
trusted website statistics

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