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ASP Express - DotNet Edition

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ASP.NET Web Matrix

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ASP Express allows you the
ASP.NET Web Matrix is a
Protect your .NET software
Aspose.License is an
extreme flexibility of an
with Xheo.Licensing -
absolutely free .Net
HTML text editor, while
easy-to-use WYSIWYG
dynamic, secure, XML based
software licensing component
giving you the automation of
application development tool
licensing. Using RSA
which can check against
a great ASP and ASP.Net text
for ASP.NET. Features: Rapid
encryption & dynamic
preset license fields
ASP.NET Page Designer;
limits that define the
including License Name,
Integrated support to create
environment in which
Product, Company, Version,
and edit SQL and MSDE
components can run. RSA
Expired Days, Expired Date,
databases; Easy Data Bound
public-key encryption makes
Owner Name, Organization
UI Generation; XML Web
sure licenses stay secure
Name, Assembly's Filename,
Services Support; Build
and cannot be altered by the
Assembly's Company,
Mobile Applications;
end user. Includes a full
Assembly's Product,
Supports both FTP-based and
suite of license support
Assembly's Version, Domain
file-based workspaces that
including On-The-Fly
Names, IP Addresses, CPUs,
allow developers to easily
Licensing for websites and
as well as your own custom
organize and edit their
POS integration, GUI License
license fields as many as
ASP.NET applications;
Management, a License Server
you expect. With it, you can
Develop and test your
for remote validation, and
store and distribute your
ASP.NET applications,
licensing strategy via
without requiring IIS; A
multi-level encrypted
built-in gateway to the
license files while manage
ASP.NET community right
issued licenses via XML.
within the IDE.

Date: Aug, 27 2003

Date: Nov, 14 2002

Date: Dec, 18 2002

Date: Apr, 05 2004
Aspose.Obfuscator is an
ORM.NET is an object
DeKlarit uses a simple
Netcoole's ASP2ASPX is an ASP
absolutely free .Net
relational mapping and code
entity-oriented design to
to ASP.NET Conversion for
software obfuscator, which
generation tool that creates
build a correct relational
migrating from ASP to
obfuscates .Net software so
a robust and flexible set of
model. This makes it
ASP.NET. It can convert your
decompiling result of
classes which model a
incredibly productive, as
ASP projects to ASP.NET in a
aspose.obfuscated software
normalized relational
you donít have to worry
is almost impossible to be
database. The generated
about the normalization
understood, offering the
class files are compiled as
process or object-relational
best technology to protect
a fully functional .NET
mapping. When your
.Net software author's
assembly (.DLL) that acts as
requirements change,
innovative idea, design
a complete data access layer
DeKlarit automatically
logic, or source code from
and extends the
creates a new database
being stolen.
functionality of ADO.NET.
schema, migrates the data
The generated run-time
from the old schema to the
component exposes all tables
new one, and regenerates the
as classes and columns as
required DataSets and
properties. Using the
DataAdapters. DeKlarit
built-in DataManager object,
supports for SQL Server and
users can easily retrieve
Oracle and generates VB .NET
data from multiple tables
and C# code.
based on complex criteria
without using stored
procedures or embedded SQL
code. In addition, data
updates, inserts, and
deletes can be saved to the
database with one call.
Using ORM.NET saves .NET
developers significant time
and effort.

Date: Apr, 05 2004

Date: Dec, 22 2003

Date: Mar, 21 2003

Date: Mar, 18 2004
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