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Advanced Time Reports Web

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BFN Country Flag

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Advanced Time Reports Web is
The purpose of this page is
This is a free, open-source,
This service determines the
an intuitive time tracking
to make it so that spammers
PHP script that will check
visitors home country, and
& project management
who attempt to collect email
for a robots.txt file. If
then displays that countries
solution that will help you
addresses off the web
it finds one, it reads it
flag. No ads.
increase your billable hours
through programs will not
and flags any errors. The
by better managing all your
have real email addresses in
valid lines are delivered as
projects, clients and
their database, causing them
links so you can click on
working hours. Used by
lots of trouble because they
them to see what the server
professionals and
will have to clean out their
delivers for those URLs.
project-oriented businesses
list. This page has one
You can run it free, or
worldwide to perform
thousand randomly generated
download the code and run it
essential functions such as
names and email addresses
on your own server. It is
timesheet reporting and
(refresh and new ones will
an easy way to check if the
project management.
appear). At the bottom of
robots.txt file is valid and
Multi-user server version
the page is a invisible link
with advanced functionality,
to this page again,
web access and reports.
essentially reloading it for
Increase your profits!
programs to collect more
fake email addresses. Email
collecting programs will be
sent in an infinite loop by
following the link at the
bottom of the page and will
get more and more fake email
addresses stuck in their
databases. This helps to
place many invalid email
addresses that won't help
spammers (they will get more
returned email ;) and is our
effort to FIGHT SPAM.

Date: Sep, 22 2006

Date: Mar, 22 2006

Date: Oct, 09 2006

Date: Mar, 12 2004
Free hosted javascript
Aways seen one of those sites
Add Sudoku to your web site.
Php pageranking check tools,
"Car of the day"
that you can get free
Updates automatically each
web site ranking report,
script. Customize it to fit
scripts like hit counters,
day with a new puzzle. A
keywords generator/suggest,
your design and add the
online user counters etc.
great way to encourage
domain lookup and
piece of code to your
Well with this site you can
visitors to bookmark and
registration etc. Web site
website. The Car will change
start hosting scripts on
return to your site.
link popularity report.
daily automatically! Its
your site for free and
signup only takes seconds.
Plus you will get alot more
hits to your site.

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