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Welcome to MyImgs.com, the
Offers free online software
Add Babylon Translation box
How current and up-to-date is
leader in image hosting for
for hypothesis testing,
to your site and enable your
your address book? How
auctions, bulletin boards,
mathematical equation
users single-click
often is it that you have
photo sharing, and more. Get
translation to 16 languages.
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your photos online in
financial profit densities,
The JavaScript-based utility
someone and realized that
seconds! Get started in
Quasi Random-Walk, central
can be easily integrated
the contact information that
less than 30 seconds with a
tendency, variability,
into your web design.
you had was wrong? How much
FREE account. Upload images
concentration, histograms,
time do you spend updating
straight from your browser
your contact information?
(no FTP required!) and begin
skewness, kurtosis,
Have you thought about what
sharing them with friends,
(partial) correlations, rank
you would do if your
family, or post them on
correlations, sample sizes,
hard-drive crashed and you
other websites. MyImgs.com
econometrics (multiple
lost all your contact
has a very easy to use
linear regression),
information? How much of
interface that lets you get
forecasting (Box-Jenkins
your contact information is
up and running fast! You can
analysis), and
invalid? These are
organize your images with
important considerations in
custom folders and
techniques. Output can be
today's global environment.
directories and automatic
viewed in html, Word
And Ez2FindMe is the
thumbnails, making it easy
documents, and Excel sheets.
to manage your
images. With 4 levels of
power to choose from;
ranging from 2Mb space all
the way up to an enormous
100Mb storage space,
MyImgs.com has your image
hosting needs covered in
full. MyImgs.com goes
even further by offering it
users the most advanced
feature-rich cpanel on the

Date: Sep, 17 2003

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Nov, 25 2001

Date: Apr, 04 2003
 A script for commercial
Based on Nuke, The DK3.com
SiteAngel is a service that
Confirmed online
printers, photo processing
offers a remotely hosted
allows one to monitor
reservations, you reduce the
labs, architects, engineers
portal service to create a
websites, issue alarms if a
time and money spent
etc. Your clients' files
Web Portal System.
critical threshold is
answering phone and replying
uploaded into organized,
reached, and collects data
to e-mails, and customers
for reports on the web
can make Online Instant
directories. You can view,
site's performance. These
confirmed reservations from
email, download or delete
measurements and tests are
anywhere in the world at
each file. It features user
actually tested by a
anytime, day or night and
self-sign-up, a download
'critical path', meaning
know their reservation is
counter, file descriptions,
that this product acts as if
notification of uploads and
it were a customer
much more...
navigating the site.
SiteAngel comes with a 30
day free trial.

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