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Web server and user location

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The World Wide Clock

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SD Remote PHP Hosting

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Ultra Register

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Use this simple code to get a
Give visitors to your site a
We host a variety of
Ultra Register is a complete
map showing your visitor and
way look up the time and
full-featured scripts and
automated system for
your site location. Setup in
date in any time zone,
provide them to visitors on
offering domain
30 seconds
worldwide. Hundreds of
a free trial basis with,
registrations. It enables a
countries and locations
free email, true FTP access,
service provider to take
your own virtual URL and
domain registration requests
prompt, courteous 24/7
from either a private
service and support. You
labeled web site or even
don't need a domain (or any
integrated with their
internet presence) to use
existing web site, then bill
our service and you can
the client's credit card,
cancel at any time if you
register the domain, and
are not completely satisfied
send the client a welcome
at no risk or cost to you.
letter - all without any
The entire process is quick,
human intervention. The
easy and almost completely
system also includes an end
user interface from which
the service provider's
clients can renew their
names, buy more domain
names, and edit their
contact and name server
information. The system will
also e-mail the end users
reminders prompting them to
renew their domain names
before they expire. Ultra
Register is a hosted service
so there is no programming
required to set it up. All
that is needed is a secure
certificate, a merchant
account with either Verisign
Payflow or Authorize.net.

Date: Jul, 24 2005

Date: Jul, 17 2005

Date: Aug, 02 2004

Date: Dec, 11 2001
Liven up you site by adding
JODPIE Bar is a remotely
Want to display details of
Easily Create Powerful Graphs
dynamic self-updating
hosted script that
local events in your area
and Charts. With the Graph
content from up to three RSS
dynamically provides live
without the hassle of
Server quickly and easily
feeds with just a copy
Open Directory data through
constantly updating your
add powerful Dynamic
& paste. Nothing
an elegant programming
site? With event feed you
Graphing and Charting
could be easier! Not only
solution based on the
can display gigs, sports,
functionality to your Web
that, but the look is
combination of server-side
theatre, arts, days out,
pages and Applications.
completely customizable, so
scripting (PHP) and
exhibitions and other events
that you can tailor the
client-side scripting
on your site with a simple
widget to the look of your
(JavaScript). JODPIE Bar is
piece of Javascript placed
website. Customizing
pure javascript you can
on your pages.
includes setting the title
embed it in any web page,
and its color, border style,
even static HTML
border color, and the color
pages. JODPIE Bar is
of the article titles. Also,
customizable and is designed
the backgrounds can be set
to fit in a little column of
to any color or pattern you
web page display; the script
provides a partial and
modified presentation of ODP
data using an on the fly
randomizer. Links are
displayed using thumbshots
provided by
Thumbshots.org. With this
script itís possible to
embed live Open Directory
data in a web page just in
seconds; after inserting few
lines in a section of a web
page and live Open Directory
data will be
displayed! JODPIE Bar has
been developed having in
mind blogging platforms;
remotely provided html is as
simple as possible to
integrate with all html
designs. The script works
fine with most blogging
platforms, mainly on sidebar
and run transparently with
any theme.

Date: Mar, 28 2005

Date: Mar, 24 2005

Date: Mar, 24 2005

Date: Jan, 07 2003
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