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Popular online Game Tetris
A website with many tools,
stories with this fantastic
embedded right into your
all free including
online web log or diary
webpage. Free, no Ads, no
javascripts, downloadables,
service. You can customize
hidden cost. Game presented
online auctions, clock
the layout, colors, images,
as a part of your
scripts, chat and message
and many neat features. In
webpage. Players are able
addition, you can add your
to record high score for
own links, profile, friends,
and choose between many
tournaments. Remotely
other options to totally
hosted, game loads from our
personalize your journal
server - no traffic
consumption for your
hosting. Easy setup - no
downloads, just insert one
line of HTML code where you
want the game to appear. No
registration required.

Date: Mar, 05 2005

Date: Jan, 25 2006

Date: Jan, 13 2006

Date: May, 09 2005
Free online tool, converts
Add up to 24 links, 1 for
Maud the efficient 21st
A meta tag generator lets you
entered characters into the
each hour of the day, when a
century receptionist!
provide your sites visitors
equivalent ASCII codes, as
visitor clicks the 'Site Of
Availability lists, last
with a way to create their
usable with HTML. The
The Hour' link, they will be
minute offers, guided
own meta tags for their
output can be used directly
taken to whichever site
web-tours of each property,
site. You can customize the
on web pages, so useful
matches that hour of the
payment and directions are
look, have the script send a
where special characters are
day! The 2nd option allows
all now done by Maud. There
confirmation email, and even
the titles of the 'Site Of
is no chance of
have a spider tag added to
The Hour' to be displayed.
double-bookings or
spider the web site.
You decide whether you would
misunderstandings and
like to surprise your
customers know exactly what
visitors or let them see the
to expect. Online secure
title of their destination.
payment - money paid by BACS
Update the links at any time
direct into your bank
without having to alter the
account. SMS text message
code on your web page!
keeps you up to date when
online reservations are made.

Date: Jun, 02 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2005

Date: Jun, 16 2005

Date: Oct, 23 2000
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