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Spell Check for your website

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Free multi-language online
The RSS Ticker Widget enables
This service is free, and it
spell checker - also for
even non-techies to put a
doesnt install any spyware
webmasters to integrate in
live, scrolling, completely
or anything. Fast loading.
websites. You can add a
customizable RSS feed on
Easy to use. Fill in the
powerful multi-language
their website, for free! All
form and it generates your
spell check to your website
you have to do is copy and
code, and you paste it in
with only few changes. So
paste. Normally, to add
all your pages and it will
Visitors will be able to
the contents of an RSS feed
show how many users are
check e.g. their entries in
to your site, you would need
online on all of your pages.
your guest book or support
to know a web scripting
queries in a contact form.
language like PHP or PERL,
but with the RSS Ticker
Widget all you need to do is
paste some html code on your
page and you'll have an
auto-updating source of
content! Not only that, but
the ticker is completely
customizable. You can set
the title, border style,
border color, the color of
the title, and the color of
the article titles.

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Date: Feb, 26 2005
Make your own web site in
Got a site? Add random quotes
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Find out what keywords
seconds with the PopQu
to your website and keep
popularity tool for you to
alternative google suggests
Personal Web Site Builder.
those visitors coming back.
check link popularity from
with relavency information.
No html or uploading - no
It is a proven fact that
websites. The Link
The tool uses google sets
banners or popups. Includes
forever-changing content
Popularity analysis script
and google suggest to
homepage, image gallery,
helps boost Search Engine
will search Google,
compute the keyword
guestbook, blog, contact
ranks. Take advantage of
AllTheWeb, AltaVista, MSN,
page and links page. Several
this and add
HotBot, Lycos to determine
cool designs to choose from
RandomQuotes.org to your
how many pages are linking
- new themes added. Make
to your web page. Many
your own web site in an
search engines today are
instant. Free trial, only
ranking web sites by the
4.95 per month or less.
number of sites linking to
them. Link Popularity
analysis is also important
for a high keyword search
engines page ranking and
PageRank. Take a link
popularity analysis and
check your link popularity
against that from your

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