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Metatags Generator

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MyImgs.com Image Hosting

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MySpace Contact Script.

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Meta-tags are used frequently
Welcome to MyImgs.com, the
This Script has changed names
Nabaza Network of Sites
by most search engines. They
leader in image hosting for
it used to be
Personal Blogs Personal
identify your website
auctions, bulletin boards,
MySpaceContactScript.tk. all
blogs and personal updates
content using your
photo sharing, and more. Get
you have to do is enter your
for myself, everyone and
meta-tags. This simple tool
your photos online in
Myspace url and id then it
visitors of the said site.
will allow you to configure
seconds! Get started in
creates a code that you can
Personal updates direct from
them easily!
less than 30 seconds with a
copy and past it to your
me and staff.
FREE account. Upload images
site and it will place a
straight from your browser
contact box on your site so
(no FTP required!) and begin
visitors can visit your MS,
sharing them with friends,
add yo your friends list,
family, or post them on
and send you a message
other websites. MyImgs.com
has a very easy to use
interface that lets you get
up and running fast! You can
organize your images with
custom folders and
directories and automatic
thumbnails, making it easy
to manage your
images. With 4 levels of
power to choose from;
ranging from 2Mb space all
the way up to an enormous
100Mb storage space,
MyImgs.com has your image
hosting needs covered in
full. MyImgs.com goes
even further by offering it
users the most advanced
feature-rich cpanel on the

Date: Nov, 04 2005

Date: Sep, 17 2003

Date: Aug, 15 2005

Date: Apr, 19 2005
Nabaza.com Friend or Lover
Use your online presence to
Enhance your website by
The normal way to connect to
Community is a great way to
generate brick-and-mortar
adding a cool online game,
your FTP server is to use a
find new friends or
traffic. Let your website
and give your visitors
FTP client, and to
partners, for fun, dating
visitors easily enter their
another reason to come back.
communicate via the FTP
and long term relationships.
Zip Code and find the
The games are easy to set
protocol. This is, however,
Meeting and socializing with
closest locations where they
up, and remotely hosted on
not always possible: -
people is both fun and safe.
can purchase your products.
our servers, there is no
you may be behind a
Common sense precautions
Retailers will be displayed
need to download or install
corporate firewall at work,
should be taken however when
with a link to a printable
anything. Set up your own
which may block the FTP
arranging to meet anyone
map where your visitors can
flash online game today!
communications; - you may
face to face for the first
find driving directions. US
be on holiday and connecting
time. You can also find new
and Canadian locations
to the Internet via a
friends through our own
supported. Free Trial now
CyberCafe, where you may not
privately hosted email
be allowed to install an FTP
system. This lets you
client. When you use
communicate with other
Net2FTP these problems are
members to find out more
solved: you connect to
about each other and develop
Net2FTP using a regular web
a relationship.
browser, and Net2FTP
translates your requests and
takes care of the FTP
communication. This is a
FREE service!

Date: Apr, 19 2005

Date: Aug, 22 2003

Date: Jul, 12 2005

Date: Jul, 28 2005
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