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How much traffic do you get
Website visitors can
Put an Ad for your old Domain
to add, modify and remove
in a month? With our
buy/sell/trade their own
Names to sale Them Choose
categories Change the look
Classifieds page service for
products and services in
how long will stay your Ad
and feel to suite your site
your website, you get an
this easy to use and
and if it is featured or
The ability to validate and
easy to use classified. Join
maintain service. Visitors
not Appraisale service also
remove ads Option Delete
now for free and have your
can post and edit their own
available on the site
individual users or ads Ip
Classified page up and
entries making ad
banning | Admin set ad
running in seconds. ITS
maintenance quick and easy
duration and expiry
notification periods Admin
can choose to moderate ads
or let them appear
immediately | Admin can set
length of time ads stay on
line | Run as a free ads
system or charge for ad
placement using PayPal | Set
any billing amount you wish
for each ad placed. BEST OF

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Date: Oct, 25 2005
Register with baazeegar and
Property Walk Thru allows you
Welcome to Property RSS,
Includes all of the features
get Rs. 500.00 sign-up
to post any property listing
sometimes known as just the
of the e-Classifieds Premium
bonus. Get regular Paid
or real estate classified
domain name
Edition, such as powerful
emails, Paid sign ups and
for any piece of property
multimedia upload options
Paid clicks to earn regular
for free. There's no charge
Property RSS, is the first
(photos, video, and audio),
income. Lifelong Residual
for posting detailed
real estate classified ad
a unique context-sensitive
income also from 4 levels of
information about your
and real estate news article
help system, flexible online
residual income.
property. Each user can
RSS aggregator, now
database creation, template
post up to 1000 properties.
featuring property podcasts.
system, real-time credit
If you plan on publishing
A really simple,
card processing features,
property photos or property
straight-forward, FREE
Auto-Notify search agents,
podcasts, you will need a
syndication service
affiliates manager, built-in
paid license key.
consumable by anyone
backup manager, and multiple
Property Walk Thru might
interested in publishing
fee-based options including
be the answer for you.
their properties, listings
Priority Ranking and
Within minutes, you get a
or real estate news articles
Visibility Options, plus
professional built website
online. If you publish RSS
multiple database support,
and perhaps more
real estate feeds from your
virtually unlimited
importantly, an unique web
website or think you might
scalability, XHTML/CSS
address that you can use in
you might want to, Property
compliance, latest ads,
your marketing:
RSS might be the marketing
featured ads, most popular
answer you have been looking
ads, recently viewed ads,
for. From real estate
who's online, signs, flyers,
agents, land brokers,
"select multiple"
commercial developers and to
support, thumbnail images in
the housing industry,
headlines, multimedia
Property RSS can harvest
slideshows, custom user
your feeds and broadcast
registration fields,
your information to
multiple new user approval
interested parties. You will
methods, saved searches,
be able to reach a much
additional payment
broader targeted audience.
processors, affiliate
commissions, online payment
history and message
retrieval, credits system,
short URLs for ads, RSS
feeds, and much more.

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