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CGISpy.com Classified Ads

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Bravenet Classified Ads

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RealEstate-DB is a fully
Put a free classifieds
Bravenet Classified Ads allow
operational remote-hosted
section on your site today.
your visitors to post ad
solution for Real Estate
This free service features
information for others to
Brokers wanting to take full
over 10 categories and fully
see, right on your site.
control of their listings
Main features are: Receive
and agents. Provides admin
notification by e-mail when
control, agent control,
someone posts in your
listings control. System
classifieds, Visitors type
auto generates all pages
in a title for the ad and a
dynamically, provides
description, Visitors can
interactive editing of all
post the URL to their site,
listings, generates agent
the URL to an image, and
detail pages complete with
their e-mail address, Delete
their assigned listings.
any unwanted posts, IP
Allows virtual tours and
address banning, and more.
links to MLS listings.

Date: Nov, 20 2001

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