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multeCLASS Classifieds exchange

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Remote Hosted Dating Script
The dynamic online recruiter
New MulteCLASS classifieds in
With the unique free
and Site. The main problem
gives you the ability to
a RSS feed allows you to add
multeCLASS Classifieds
with a stand alone Dating
post jobs directly to your
content to your site, get
webtool you can place your
Script is that the first
site, categorize Jobs by Job
classifieds in your
own classifieds on your own
time anyone visits the
Category, customize
favourite RSS reader and
page and get coverage on
dating site and they see you
unlimited internal job
place your own classifieds
other member' websites
have no members then they
tracking categories to help
on other members sites all
aswell. The concept is
leave. Now it does not have
manage jobs and track all
FREE always FREE
similar to having a banner
to be this way! Join the
notes, phone calls, and
exchange mixed with google
profitable world of internet
interviews with clients and
ads (not ppc), all
dating, completely FREE OF
candidates. You also have
classifieds are listed for a
CHARGE. You can choose your
the ability to easily create
period of 1 month renewable
own color scheme, your own
your own job application
for an extra 2 months, and
fonts and your own target
form with no programming.
can be stopped at any time.
market ( All, Gay, niche,
There is no limit to the
etc) . You will be joining a
number of classifieds you
large network of existing
can add at this point in
dating sites so you will
time, it may be introduced
have an active database of
in later version however.
100000's already online, No
Risk, NO Experience needed,
even the hosting is Free.
Set up in minutes, advertise
your site wherever you wish
and watch the money flow in.
Your members will have free
photo upload, free interest
sends, free profile and free
mailbox. 10000's and 10000's
of members already online
worldwide. There is much
much more to see so please
visit us and review live
dating script and dating
sites.You can have your own
online dating script and
site networked to 1000's of
others within minutes of
clicking this link. There is
no charge for this dating
script / site and you will
become part of the existing
partner base, making your
dating site look like it
already has many members.
There are no limits to the
amount of sites you can
create. Now updated with new
designs and new admin area
including additional admin
reports. Now with additional
design features, upload your
own logo graphic and metatag
and keyword section. No
additional dating software
or scripts required,
everything is provided.
Unlimited site set ups now

Date: Feb, 23 2005

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Dec, 02 2004

Date: Nov, 21 2004
Free Photo classified
SMARTestate is a solution
PracticeTrack is a complete
Powerful, free, hosted
advertisements for medical
that lets real estate agents
Internet based recruitment
classified ads system. Use
community. Medical
build, manage & maintain
solution that offers a
simple online forms to set
equipments Buy/Sell,
their own web-based property
user-friendly interface,
up your classifieds site.
Properties Buy/Sell, Job
lists easily, quickly and
helps you manage candidate
Once you have created your
listings, Softwares.. One
cost-effectively. Our visual
status, mailings, expenses,
classifieds section, you can
photo of product, property
interface makes managing /
management reports, open
customize it to have your
supported this time.
viewing properties a simple,
opportunities, contacts and
own "look and
so much more.
feel", create custom
pleasurable and profitable
categories, set various
experience. Make your
configuration options, and
property listings open to
manage your site, all
clients 24 x 7 x 365.
through web-based forms.
Maintain and manage those
Features include powerful
listings easily.
advanced search
capabilities, Keyword Notify
for setting up automated
search agents, and much more.

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: May, 30 2003

Date: Jul, 23 2002

Date: Jul, 23 2002
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