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3D Datagrid

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ASP.NET DB Admin Control

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A 3D client paging Datagrid
AjaxGrid is a web-based ajax
Sorting The DotNetGrid
This is a small Web
with draggable pages,
enabled reporting and
supports bidirectional data
Application, this contains
including an asp.net
application development tool
sorting Summaries The
basic database functions
HiddenPanel control
that enables high functional
DotNetGrid can calculate
using ASP.NET including a
web applications to be
summaries and display them
database driven user
created in minutes without
within the grid, grid
authentication, adding new
the need for complex
summaries displayed at the
records, viewing records,
development tools. AjaxGrid
base of the entire grid.
editing and deleting records.
is highly scalable and can
Regardless of which summary
cope with 100,000's of rows
option you prefer, the
and hundreds of users. With
following features are
AjaxGrid you can search,
available to you: -total
sort, edit, upload, print,
page -total rows
copy, export, nest, link and
Exporting Export the data
much more with just a few
to numerous formats such as
lines of code. AjaxGrid
XML, Excel etc with current
includes it’s own GUI
UI layout such as visible
Designer application that
columns, columns order,
allows applications to be
group columns etc.
generated and deployed
Extensive Styles Support
against any table, view or
Customize every single
stored procedure in your
element of the grid through
database with the need to
CSS, designer mode or
write any code.
programmatically. The
carefully prepared layout
can be saved or restored
also using XML-based format
file. Customizable Page
Size. Miscellaneous
Features DotNetGrid is
optimized for Microsoft®
Visual Studio® .NET
Multiple row selection -
available when the grid's
tiSelection option is active.

Date: Jan, 23 2006

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Date: May, 24 2006
ASP.NET Maker 2 is a powerful
SqlWhereBuilder is a web
This is a very quick time
Aspose.Excel is the .Net
yet easy-to-use code
control which provides a
application built using
Excel spreadsheet reporting
generator for ASP.NET 2.0.
user interface for
Microsoft ASP.NET. Its basic
component which can create
It can create a full set of
generating custom SQL WHERE
purpose is to show the power
Excel spreadsheets featured
ASP.NET 2.0 pages quickly
clauses. The SqlWhereBuilder
and Rapid Application
in formatting, functions,
from your data source.
web control provides a
Development features in
pictures and charts. With
Supported databases includes
friendly interface for a
it, you can create Excel
Microsoft Access, Microsoft
user to enter query
spreadsheets both for
SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
conditions, which may be
desktop applications and web
and other databases with ADO
compiled upon postback into
server applications; you can
or ODBC connectivity.
a SQL WHERE clause. As an
create Excel spreadsheets
ASP.NET Maker 2 is
ASP.NET server control
via designer or API or
equipped with a number of
wrapping a JavaScript
combined designer and API,
cool features. Drill-down
library, user-interaction
which offers the most
Master/Detail view, Advanced
happens entirely
flexibility to create Excel
Security, User Registration
client-side, while on the
spreadsheets both from
System, Custom View, Report,
server, additional
static data and dynamic
Export, File uploading, User
functionality such as
data. You can customize your
Selectable Page Size,
XML-based configuration and
Excel spreadsheets in
Table-specific List Page
integration with IDbCommand
minutes from fully-featured
Options, Dynamic Table
objects is implemented.
demos which create similar
Loading, etc. ASP.NET
reports to those in the
Maker 2 supports both C# and
Microsoft Access Northwind
VB.NET and testing with
Database Sample.
Cassini Web server.

Date: Jul, 24 2006

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