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Server Management


Active User Manager

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IP Finder w/ Master Resell Rights

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AUM is a user manager tool
The Internet Information
NEW IP Finder Software Easy
Update: compatible with httpd
for a Windows Active
Services (IIS) debug tools
to use software for locating
2.0 and 2.2 :: This tool
Directory environment (Win2K
are designed to help
your IP address. IP Finder
helps you to manage an
Server & Windows
determine which requests
will return your host name,
Apache webserver via a GUI,
2003 Server domains) that
have caused IIS to crash and
local IP and external IP.
so you don't have to type in
makes the process of
to log specific information
Great for gaming, connecting
the complete
manipulating users and
when a request does not
to different servers, or
commandlines. Completely
organisational-units easy.
respond in an expected time
sorting your various IP's on
rewritten GUI, in Delphi
AUM automates the tedious
period. This toolkit is made
a network. You can even find
this time. Lower RAM usage.
and time-consuming tasks
up of 2 main tools: IIS
what your "real
Now the GUI is way more
that are involved in
Crash/Hang Agent tracks all
world" IP is, even if
userfriendly. There is also
creating users. This
requests as they enter IIS
you're behind a firewall or
a new editor with
includes the automatic
and leave IIS and will log
hightlighting support. A
creation, deletion and
requests that are still
password-manager is
moving of user's folders and
being processed if IIS
available. Frontend for
shares for their home and
terminates unexpectedly.
logresolver and so many more
profile folders whenever the
This tool also allows an
usefull stuff. New is also
user is manipulated. MS
administrator to configure a
a help-file with lots of
Exchange and disk quota
command line to run whenever
management is supported.
a request takes too long to
respond indicating a
potential hang. IIS Dump is
the default command line for
gathering information on
Hangs; this tool is able to
dump many different items at
once for root cause analysis
investigation. IIS Dump can
produce text reports on
stacks for each thread in an
IIS-related process, dump
files for each IIS-related
process, dump the Metabase
in an XML format file, and
provide system DLL version

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Mar, 08 2005

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Oct, 06 2006
This tool enables an Exchange
A knowledgebase system
Useful website and server
PC Performance Is your PC
Server administrator to view
allowing to store, access,
monitoring tools, to help
running slow? This software
and remove existing AUTD
search and explore knowledge
you keep your website up and
program will tell you if
event registration items
within your organization,
running 24 hours a day 7
your system processor and
(bindings). This can be done
department or team.
days a week. Website
memory are being filled to
on an individual and on a
monitoring and server
the rim! Small and sits out
bulk level.
monitoring and essential to
of the way so you can always
any successful website
keep an eye on your PC's
operation. Don't be caught
health. Monitors CPU, ram
with your website down.
and hard drive space.
Options allow you to change
update speed and

Date: Jun, 17 2005

Date: Nov, 06 2006

Date: Aug, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006
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