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Presentation to Video Converter

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Simple Cpanel Login script

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100% Free Image Hosting

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DISTNET Enterprises

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Presentations to Video
A simple script where people
Uploads.in is the web's
We are a multi-purpose
Converter allows you to
can place this script on
premier paid and FREE Image
company that offers the
convert PowerPoint
their website and allow
Host. You can upload
following services:
presentations into Video,
users to login to cpanel.
images free, upload photos,
* IPB Mod Development
Flash Movie , Animated GIF
host photo albums, host eBay
(comming soon) *
ithout using PowerPoint! The
images, host galleries, host
Forum Mod Installation (IPB,
converting process allows
blog images and share pics
Vbulletin, SMF, and PHPBB)
human interaction on
with your friends! Your one
* IPB Skin
PowerPoint content during
stop shop for free online
Development (comming soon)
conversion. Anybody can
photo storage! You can
* IPB Skin
convert a PowerPoint ppt or
upload images immediately
Installation *
pps file to Video! Moreover
after you Create Your FREE
Forum Installation (IPB,
Its a complete DVD
Account, and only upgrade to
Vbulletin, SMF, and PHPBB)
burner! Its simple and
our paid image hosting
* Script
service if you require the
Installations (PHP and Perl
extra features. With
Scripts only) *
either a paid or free
Basic Hardware &
account you can upload any
Software Support *
of the three most popular
Advanced Hardware Support
web image formats (jpeg, png
* Network Support
and gif). A brief summary of
* Computer
the features that our paid
Programming *
and free image hosting
Advertising * Web
memberships offer is shown
Hosting *
below. Our online photo
Website/Webpage Design
storage features cant be
* Graphic Design (in
beat! Awesome
Photoshop and some Flash)
Features: We allow you to
* Website Templates
link directly to your images
* IRC Server Setup
once they are uploaded. We
* FTP Server Setup
provide you with a url to
* Domain Registration
each image or gallery, as
* Website Translation
well as html code to link to
it, and bbcode compatible
with the most commonly found
web forums. You can
resize, rename your images
and even create galleries or
online photo albums! You can
also email links to the
images or galleries to your
friends with our simple
online mailer!

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 05 2006

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Jul, 08 2005
Professional Mambo
We offer both free and paid
Thank you for visiting this
ZeppelinDesign provide
Templates. Template Club
hosting for your images and
little showcase,
professional web and print
for mambo templates. new
photographs, whether for
CanaanDesign produce high
creative solutions, custom
original template added
sharing with friends, adding
quality mambo templates for
web design and development,
each month with layererd
to auction listings or other
low prices. We also offer
Flash intros and Flash
photoshop files and flash
online use. You can start
nice free mambo templates
sites, corporate branding
uploading immediately after
frequently too. On
solutions, web hosting and
you create your free
CanaanDesign you can: - Buy
outsourcing programming.
account, and only upgrade to
commercial Templates -
our paid image hosting
Download free Templates -
service if you require the
Download design resource
extra features. With
either a free or paid
account you can upload any
of the three most popular
web image formats (jpeg, png
and gif). A brief summary of
the features that our free
and paid image hosting
memberships offer is shown
below. Also, you could
create your own TGP gallary
with your hosted pictures.

Date: Jul, 04 2005

Date: Jul, 04 2005

Date: Jun, 27 2005

Date: Jun, 17 2005
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