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YoursDomain get free domain
We offer both free and paid
MDT-Technology, as Internet
The LFC Hosting network was
and hosting with all
hosting for your images and
Presence Provider and
built with business in mind
installed php scripts which
photographs, whether for
Register Service Provider,
and is centered on
will help u to make free
sharing with friends, adding
we provide cost efficient
reliability and unsurpassed
prtal forum and big web site
to auction listings or other
solutions for small to
customer service. LFC
freee freee,
online use. You can
medium sized companies. We
Hosting's business packages
start uploading immediately
specialize on Web Presences,
support e-commerce but are
after you create your free
with the most reliable
priced like other hosts'
account, and only upgrade to
Hosting Service unmatched by
basic plans. LFC's basic
our paid image hosting
any other Web Host's in the
business package alone costs
service if you require the
only $18/month (no setup
extra features. With
fee) and includes 5 domains,
either a free or paid
35 POPs, native SSL
account you can upload any
security, a private CGI-BIN,
of the three most popular
FrontPage 2002 ext., free
web image formats (jpeg, png
shopping cart software, and
and gif).
over 50 other important
features generally only
included with a competing
host's most expensive
package. Do not
underestimate the importance
of a business-oriented web
host for the success of your
online business activities.
LFC Hosting's
state-of-the-art account
control panel, unique to
LFC, uses every-day language
to allow easy automatic
administration of vital
account features. LFC
Hosting is ideal for a range
of users from business
people to Internet
professionals and resellers.

Date: May, 31 2005

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Date: Apr, 19 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005
Pocket Fuzz Inc. is an
DigiPanel is a
With our extremely high
We supply hosting, Flash,
advanced cutting-edge
state-of-the-art Control
performance servers, located
icons, avatars, banners, Web
technology company. With
Panel. Comes with 2
in the heart of Texas, we're
Site creation all at
extensive experience, Pocket
panels. The
able to provide fast and
resonable prices. We also
Fuzz Inc. brings the
Administrator The
reliable hosting to all of
offer online gaming sources
development expertise needed
Client Administrators
our customers. Our
for you enjoyment. And also
to discover, create and
Panel manages accounts,
packages start from just 8
lease to thoughs wanting to
implent online business
packages, software,
a month, though we can offer
run there own gaming site.
solutions - all at an
configurations, Services to
customised packages to suit
Stop by check it out and see
outstanding value. Our
set up a Shared Web Hosting
different needs and budgets.
whatcha think.
services include design,
Company. It has built in
animation, custom
Billing and Transaction
programming, game
System. Secure your Linux
development, and
Server as well. Client
more. Pocket Fuzz Inc. is
Control Panel allows clients
Internet Technology. Our
to set up FTP, Mailbox,
office is located in
Database, Subdomains, Addon
Norfolk, Virginia but our
Domains and more. View
members are World Wide. Our
traffic analysis charts, log
small staff work around the
files, CronJobs, Spam
clock and are committed to
Control and
bringing you cutting-edge
more... DigiPanel is
information and technology
programmed in PHP and is
because we know you deserve
VERY secure using suPHP to
the best.
make this Panel one of the
most secure Panels on the
planet. Also, there is no
more affordable Control
Panel currently out there!
Starting at only
$100.00 Do not let the
price fool you. You will get
all the features that the
higher priced panels offer

Date: Apr, 18 2005

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Date: Feb, 19 2005
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