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TOWeb is an easy-to-use
CodeAvalanche FastContent is
MedReader is a free RSS
Mombase is dedicated to those
software for persons and
website content generation
Reader and RSS Publishing
Webmasters and
organizations wishing to
tool. Using articles from
Solution that is tailored to
Netropreneur's who have many
quickly create a Blog or a
GoArticles.com it creates
the Medical & Healthcare
Mambo sites to care for. Put
Web Site without any web
content rich web pages
Industry. With version 4.0,
a fast and permanent end to
designing skills, without
suitable for contextual
Medical Professionals and
tracking your multitudes of
dealing with web programming
advertaising or affilliate
Healthcare Professionals
logins and passwords, while
stuff, without using a
promotion. Anybody can build
will have more functionality
at the same time placing ALL
retouching software for
content rich website within
and more resources then ever
of your Mambo administration
their pictures and without
minutes.Download a demo and
before. MedReader,
and preview pages on your
being left alone in front of
try it. This is a must have
www.medreader.com, is the
desktop and at your
a blank page with dozens of
tool for anybody how have
world’s only medically
allready running website but
oriented RSS Reader and RSS
need more
Publishing system online.
content. Application
MedReader is broken down
features: - search articles
into 4 editions for
by keywords or by category
Physicians, Business,
- duplicate articles
Nursing, and Allied Health
filter, allready retrived
professionals. Each edition
articles for that project
of MedReader is then
will be skiped - view
subcategorized to provide
articles before selecting it
specialty specific
for retrival - edit
information that is suitable
retrived articles, add your
for all Medical and
own text to articles -
Healthcare Professionals.
generating html,asp,txt
MedReader is a RSS Reader,
files from retrived pages
Podcast Client, RSS
using templeates - choose
Directory, and RSS
number of articles per index
Publishing solution built
page - choose length of
specifically for the medical
article snippet on index
and healthcare community.
pages - option to remove
Information is categorized
links from articles (links
and sub categorized on a
are not clickable) - add
variety of topics to include
your AdSense Code (3 Ads
Cardiology, Therapy,
Units + Search Box) -
Psychiatry and more.
generate pages for articles
retrived after some date (no
need to upload all files
again only new created
files) - easy to use -
one year free support

Date: Oct, 19 2005

Date: Sep, 14 2005

Date: Sep, 13 2005

Date: Sep, 13 2005
Art HTML Listing creates
FastFreshContent can help you
AssocTRAC 4.0 is a complete
Easy Blogs by uuba.com allows
filtered, sorted, fully
to add fresh keyword related
affiliate management
anyone to write and publish
customizable directory
content to your website. It
solution that enables online
his or her very own web log
listings, indexes, menus,
uses Yahoo news as source
businesses of any size to
or blog or journal. Simple
maps and trees in HTML,
and creates HTML output
easily start and run their
enough for the
DHTML, XML, text and CSV
which is then uploaded to
own affiliate program.
non-technical, and yet with
formats, as well as the list
your website using internal
AssocTRAC is easily
enough extra features to
of MP3 and image files.
FTP service. It is much
integrated with most
please the demanding too.
Supports HTML titles, icons,
faster solution then using
ordering systems and
Use one of the many included
media types, MP3 ID3 tags
server side scripts to
shopping carts, and is the
web-site templates or build
extraction, image
parse RSS Feeds and display
exact same system we here at
your own. Templates are
dimensions, color
results to your visitor.
the Internet Marketing
designed to be sharable with
information extraction,
Center use to manage our own
other Easy Blogs users.
digital photo EXIF
affiliate program, meaning
Create your Blog on your PC.
information extraction, MD5
that users of AssocTRAC 4.0
Publish anywhere!
and SHA1 hashes, file names,
are getting one of the most
size, date/times and more.
advanced, reliable, and
The software has 15 ready
up-to-date affiliate
made templates, including:
management programs on the
Javascript dropdown menu,
market. AssocTRAC is
Expanding / collapsing tree,
backed by a comprehensive
Sortable listing table,
90-day no-hassle guarantee.
Website map / tree, Framed
Customers are invited to use
Table of Contents, Download
the program risk-free for
list with MD5 hashes and
three full months and prove
download times, PDA
to themselves that AssocTRAC
directory listing, Recursive
works exactly as promised.
table folder listing, XML,
And ALL AssocTRAC customers
CSV, text folder listing.
are given access to a
Each template can be
dedicated team of technical
customized and you can
support agents who are
create own templates. The
available to help them with
program has full featured
any questions they may have.
file filter, various sorting
options and flexible
recursion options. Command
line mode for external

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Date: Jul, 02 2005
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