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This is a very small and
More than 16.000 Pages in
ProjectForum provides a
Features: no database needed
simple tool for maintaining
over 155 Categories of
professional and easy-to-use
; works even at safe mode
various types of online
Google Adsense Page Content
web-based focus for your
enabled hosts
lists, for example, lists of
Sites for Free Download now!
team's work and
; WYSIWYG-based menu and
link partners, events,
collaboration, helping to
content editing
participants, appointments
move documents and projects
; comfortably operated file
etc. The data is stored
forward fast. Its flexible
upload (powered by
in a plain text file, which
wiki-style forums fill the
FCKEditor) ; a build-in
means that you do not need a
gap between the scattered
contact page - you don't
database to organize your
flurry of email and the time
need to publish your email
list entries. Script
and expense of meetings or
address ; the choice
language: PHP+Javascript
teleconferences. Build a
between either a pre-made
project site or intranet
template or your own design
where everyone can actively
; the design template can
and directly contribute.
be changed dynamically
Downloadable and hosted
support for multiple
versions available.
languages ; show/hide page
sections ; site visitors
and visited pages report ;
backup of the entire site as
a static archive
; well-named pages, no
querystrings - ideal for
search engines

Date: Dec, 08 2006

Date: Nov, 12 2006

Date: Nov, 06 2006

Date: Oct, 25 2006
The Asbru Website Manager is
Enable web site visitors to
MRU Wizard is Simple and easy
Website owners love to swap
a ready-to-use
bookmark your web site with
to use program! MRU Wizard
links. The problem is that
the click of a button.
will scan your computer for
many websites will put your
orm tool, which enables
the most recent run files
link up for a short period,
non-technical users to edit,
& then allows you to
and then take it down when
add, and delete HTML pages,
choose the ones you want to
they don't think you're
images, and other files on
clean up. Cleans all your
watching! While their sites
their web server through a
most recent run history from
are benefiting from your
web browser. Users can
your computer. Prevent
traffic, you're getting ZERO
browse their way to the web
others from seeing what
in return! Now, you can
pages they wish to change
files you have opened.
EASILY know when your links
and edit directly in a
or banners have been removed
WYSIWYG HTML editor with a
from their sites!
familiar word processor like
Features Easily check
user interface. The key
sites for your link or
features of the Asbru
text Search an unlimited
Website Manager are: text
number of sites. Search for
formatting: font color,
as many terms or links as
background color etc., CSS
you want Import and export
style sheet support, table
the sites and terms. Also
editing, form editing, print
export the results of each
page, insertion of media
search. Easy interface.
including images, Flash
Very simple to use.
animations and Java Applets,
hyperlink management, spell
checking, frames with other
local/external web pages,
absolute positioning,
cleaning of content, DOM
inspector, optional XHTML
output, meta information,
advanced scripting and a
user database where an
unlimited number of website
administrators can be added.
The tool is easy to re-brand
for web design agencies to
resell as a private label

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006
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