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Aardvark Mailing List

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Ad-Free WWWToolz Mailing List

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BFN Mailing list

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Bravenet Mailing Lists

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A free, double opt-in mailing
A remotely hosted mailing
Allow visitors to add
With the Bravenet Mailing
list for your website. Very
list tool that allows you to
themselves to your mailing
List you can build a
easy to install - requires
keep in touch with your
list, with email
collection of e-mail
no script installation
website's visitors.
verification to prevent
addresses and e-mail to them
knowledge whatsoever. You
Features: fully functional
unwanted or malicious
all at once as required.
just copy and paste some
for both HTML and text-based
subscriptions, and automated
It's great for newsletters,
HTML code. The script deals
newsletters, you can send
opt-out removal. Supports
client contact, or
with issues such as email
newsletters to everyone on
both HTML messages and plain
notification of Web Site
your list, select certain
upgrades. It allows the
subscription/unsubscripti on
members from your list, or
public to join your list
and more.
just send a text or HTML
right from your web page, or
newsletter, and no ads
you can maintain it and add
associated with this script.
e-mail addresses yourself.

Date: Nov, 05 2006

Date: Apr, 05 2002

Date: Mar, 12 2004

Date: Jul, 18 1999
Remotely hosted mailing list
Tired of flipping back and
Add a newsletter to your
Mass/bulk mailing is a
service that will allow you
forth between email programs
site. Allow users to
essential component of
to keep in touch with your
and contact databases? Our
join/leave your newsletter
successful marketing today.
sites users. All you have to
contact manager seamlessly
within seconds. There is a
A regular contact with your
do is set it up, and then
integrates the two into a
full admin area where you
clients keeps them happy and
copy the html code to your
dynamic web based solution.
can send newsletters and
subscribed to you. easylist
pages. Then when people
You will also be able to add
also read old emails/search
is a simple free solution of
subscribe to it, you can
contacts, do keyword and
maintaining and managing a
send them all email or
category searches, and send
mailing list for your
whatever you want with the
out HTML broadcast email
website. All it does it to
click of a button.
messages to selected
store all the subscribed
e-mail addresses so that you
can use them later for

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Date: Jul, 01 2002

Date: Dec, 27 1999

Date: Mar, 05 2006
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