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LockPic disables a web
Java Proxy lets you access
Keep all your account
SMSAuthenticator is an
visitors ability to save
computers behind a firewall.
information with user
authentication module for
your valuable online
It includes Socks and Web
id,password,url and notes
situations where
content, such as .jpg and
proxy as a user program
information in one place.
"username and
.gif files, to their local
interface. Also includes
With PasswordManager, you
password"-login provide
computers. LockPic has an
functions for secure
can organize passwords in
insufficient security.
easy to use interface, which
connections between two
multiple files. Data files
Additional security is
allows you to design the
computers, as well as simple
will be encrypted. Each and
achieved by sending keys by
entire web page from one
Web server with HTTPS
every file has to be
SMS to the user's mobile
location. LockPic allows
assigned with a password
phone. The user must return
you to configure protection
which will be asked when the
a correct single-use
for multiple images
file is open for
password within a certain
simultaneously, as well as
viewing/editing. You can
timeframe, in order to be
create thumbnails, copyright
choose to store any personal
authenticated successfully.
marking, watermarks, and
data which can be stored in
Only a GSM device capable of
http links in easy single
tabular form. This also
showing SMS messages is
click steps. LockPic is
includes a flexible and
required on the user end.
currently available as free
configurable random password
SMSAuthenticator is a
trial beta.
Java-based web service
component, and may be
integrated into any
application capable of
accessing SOAP services. It
has a Web-based
administration interface for
managing user accounts, and
also generates pronouncable
passwords according to the
FIPS 181 standard.

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Sep, 07 2004

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Sep, 11 2002
A similar to Tripwire, file
Unlimited strength
This is a simple example of
system integrity checking
implementation of an RSA
how to use java to encrypt
tool but develop in java and
algorithm in a single Java
strings. Best used for
cross platform. This tools
class called
learning purposes, source
checking and source control
"RSA". Includes
code and class files
using check sum algorithm
custom padding
available for download.
like MD5, SHA and CRC. It
algorithm. Public functions
provide generate current
of the class provide next
file integiry checksum
functionality: key pair
record to compare.
generation, encryption and
decryption. Documentation is
included. If you think you
can enhance my
implementation - please send
your changes >

Date: Nov, 08 2002

Date: Jun, 19 2003

Date: Oct, 20 2004
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