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A free, double opt-in mailing
Create free Mailing Lists at
ListMessenger.net is the
Sign-Up.to is the leading
list for your website. Very
webtools4u.net. No
hosted version of the famous
provider of hosted opt-in
easy to install - requires
advertisement, unlimited
ListMessenger Pro software.
email and mobile marketing
no script installation
number of mailing lists,
Double Opt-in, single e-mail
solutions. From email
knowledge whatsoever. You
member and newsletters.
to each subscriber (no BCC),
newsletters to 2-way SMS
just copy and paste some
Creating newsletters is very
public archive, plain text
promotions Sign-Up.to makes
HTML code. The script deals
easy with the WYSIWYG that
and HTML mail, attachments,
it easy to stay in touch
with issues such as email
looks like MS Word 2003, and
public archive, available in
with your subscribers. Our
the newsletters are also
multiple languages for the
highly scaleable platform is
subscription/unsubscripti on
accessible online.
end-user. Easy to use and
used by clients ranging from
and more.
great feature set for the
small businesses to some of
mail administrator.
the world's largest
ListMessenger.net is great
companies. Our partner
for small businesses,
scheme lets you provide
leading edge, easy to use,
organisations, sports clubs,
feature packed solutions to
schools, bands or
your clients in which ever
neighborhood associations.
way suits you.
End-user tools in English,
French, German, Spanish,
Dutch. Web designers,
you can offer this to your
clients and save yourself
the trouble of setting up a
mailing list manager.

Date: Nov, 05 2006

Date: Sep, 11 2006

Date: Jul, 10 2006

Date: May, 05 2006
Our easy to use system,
Mass/bulk mailing is a
Primo Mailer is a list
Keep your visitors up to date
allows you to easily send
essential component of
management and mass email
with your latest site
and track emails. Track
successful marketing today.
marketing solution.
changes or product news!
click throughs, number of
A regular contact with your
Developed with designers in
Send HTML or Plain text
opened messages, links they
clients keeps them happy and
mind, Primo Mailer offers
messages and manage your
clicked on, and opt-outs.
subscribed to you. easylist
sophisticated URL tracking,
list subscribers in our easy
is a simple free solution of
click throughs, opens,
to use Mailing List control
maintaining and managing a
manages/process email
mailing list for your
bounces for over 3,000+ MTA
website. All it does it to
(Mail Transport Agent)
store all the subscribed
definitions, and more. The
e-mail addresses so that you
pricing model is a pay as
can use them later for
you go service - no
monthly/setup fees,
contracts, or bandwidth to
pay. You pay for the number
of receipients you send per
blast. Primo Mailer is
offered as a service which
means continual development
based on feedback. Primo
Mailer enables test emails,
sending via HTML/TEXT,
remote page fetching, and

Date: Apr, 10 2006

Date: Mar, 05 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Jan, 25 2006
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