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Web-based Email


Mail under pseudonym

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WebMail is a full featured
Call4Mail email by phone
Holyghost Express.com is a
www.mail-tech.com is a free
online email processing
service use innovative
Free Christian email Service
spam protected mail service.
service offered to companies
speech technology. Your
and a General Christian
Only a human, not a robot,
or individuals who want to
email messages will be
is able to send you a mail
have their own email service
synthesized to natural
and your e-mail address
@yourdomain.com. Each
speech and delivered to you
remain unknown for senders.
WebMail (domain) account
by phone. To browse and skip
They know only pseudonyms of
comes with an Admin Panel,
email messages, have
e-mail addresses called
where your company's web
messages read to you, and
mt-addresses. After you have
administrator or IT person
send voice replies , you
chosen a mt-address, you can
will have control of all
will be prompted list of
publish it, even on web,
email accounts (create,
options you can simply say.
without a thought on spam.
edit, change password). Each
Mail is created through the
user can choose between
site web form and directed
using WebMail interface and
to your ordinary e-mail
your favorite mail program
address. There is a
(Outlook Express or other)
possibility to add your ad,
or both. System is
description into The
affordable for personal use.
Adaptive Directory and to
You can have your own
search it by up to 12
personal WebMail system
keywords. At any moment
based on @mydomain.com and
you can: add new
serve your circle of friends
mt-addresses having one
or family members impressing
login and password;
them with your own
change, delete
professional grade email
mt-addresses; change the
system. Prices begin at
ad, description for public;
$20.00 per month ($95 one
hide or open the ad,
time set up fee personal
description for public;
accounts only) per up to 20
on/off search with
mail account (mailboxes),
keywords; stop getting
plus your own Admin Panel
mail for a certain address;
allow or disallow getting
mail without e-mail

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Optin Mailer allows you to
FreePop3.net provides free
Allow your sites visitors to
Group Mail is a fee-based
control a list of your
20mb POP3 email inboxes. We
check their email through
service that allows larger
customer contacts making it
have a 'No Bloat policy'
their browser instead of
groups and organizations to
a breeze to send group
which means the best free
through a program such as
offer members a fully
marketing e-mails. Built-in
POP3 email accounts for you
Outlook Express, by opening
customized, professional
to our system are all the
that are easy and quick to
your own Email Service. All
web-based email service.
tools you will need for
use. We provide anti-spam
people have to do is supply
managing your email
and anti virus protection
their username, server, and
marketing campaigns.
and a fully featured webmail
password for their pop3
Because the system is
email account, and this
hosted on our servers, all
service will check it for
you have to do is log in to
them. Fully customizable.
your account, define the
email you want to send and
the list(s) for it to be
sent to, click the send
button once and our system
does all the work for
you! You can access your
Optin Mailer account from
any internet connection.
Making it easy to manage
customer contacts, at any
time from almost anywhere.

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