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Ajax For Beginners

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Creating Live Data with AJAX

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AJAX allows you to make a
This tutorial explains from
If you want to have live data
Ever wanted to make your own
call to an http server
the very beginning how to
on your website, that will
"live" advanced
(typically an RSS feed or a
use AJAX in web
change all on its own
search that gives you
webpage), get itís content
applications. It is assumed
without you having to
suggestions as you type.
and load them into your
you have a knowledge of
constantly refresh the page,
This tutorial will show you
existing page without having
Javascript (with a little
then this tutorial will show
how to make one just like
to refresh the whole page.
DOM) as well as a server
you how to. Assumes you have
Google's new
This means that services
side scripting language,
an understanding of the AJAX
"Suggest" search
like email donít have to
although you should pick it
(XMLHttpRequest) object.
reload the whole page
up easily.
everytime you click a
message, saving on bandwidth
(loading the header/footer
all over again) and making
things more efficient.

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Dec, 29 2006

Date: Dec, 29 2006

Date: Dec, 29 2006
CAPTCHA has become a popular
Step-by-step tutorial to
CAPTCHA is a simple test to
This is a mini-tutorial on
means of securing forms
understand the
determine if a user is a
saving state across page
against automated
XMLHttpRequest object and
computer or a human. It is
loads on the client side,
submission, by requiring
how to use it from
used to prevent spam abuse
without using cookies so as
users to enter a string
JavaScript. Examples with
on the websites. So if you
to save large amounts of
displayed in an
text, XML and JSON files.
use CAPTCHA on your web site
data beyond cookies size
automatically generated
The tutorial is completed by
forms, this can help in
image. This implementation
demo pages that you can use
stopping some bots and
uses Ajax to conveniently
as templates for you own
making life harder for other
combine CAPTCHA into normal
website. Plus a specific
bots in accessing or using
pre-submission form
JSON tutorial a very simple
your forms. The goal of this
verification. You'll need
to use format.
tutorial is to demonstrate
PHP to be installed with the
how to make your own simple
GD image library (most PHP
CAPTCHA protection using PHP
implementations will have
and AJAX technologies.
this as standard).

Date: Dec, 20 2006

Date: Dec, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 30 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006
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