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Ajax - Building a Request

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AJAX Design Patterns

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Ajax For Beginners

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Ajax from Scratch

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In this tutorial, you'll be
Excellent tutorial on how to
AJAX allows you to make a
Learn how to keep your
introduced to Ajax, a
build an Ajax-powered Web
call to an http server
XMLHttpRequests from
technology that allows you
site, with dynamic page
(typically an RSS feed or a
colliding with your rich
to send these requests
webpage), get itís content
Internet applications.
through small JavaScript
and load them into your
calls, meaning the user
existing page without having
doesn't have to wait for the
to refresh the whole page.
page to refresh.
This means that services
like email donít have to
reload the whole page
everytime you click a
message, saving on bandwidth
(loading the header/footer
all over again) and making
things more efficient.

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Nov, 10 2006
A simple tutorial to add a
Ajax is also a dangerous
This Ajax reader is written
This is an example of a good
personalized ajax live
technology for Web
in JavaScript only.
use of Ajax, and at the same
search onto your site!
developers, its power
Itrequests a backend URL on
time keeps it simple. It is
introduces a huge amount of
the same server then
a zip code verifier. As soon
UI problems as well as
displays the feed.
as the person enters the zip
server side state problems
code it makes a request to
and server load problems.
the server to see if the zip
I�ve compiled a
code is in the database, and
list of the many mistakes
returns the city and state.
developers using Ajax often

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006
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