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A collection of 16 tutorial
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A collection of 11 FAQs on
tips on XHTML 1.0 element
FAQs/tutorials tips on XHTML
FAQs/tutorials tips on XHTML
RSS news aggregators. Clear
tag and attribute syntax.
inline elements and tags.
forms and input fields.
answers are provided with
Clear answers are provided
Clear answers are provided
Clear answers are provided
tutorial codes on desktop
with tutorial exercises on
with tutorial exercises on
with tutorial exercises on
and online news aggregators;
XHTML elements, opening and
inline elements like:
forms and input fields: form
adding your feeds to online
closing tags, element
strong, em, code, sub, sup,
elements and submission
news aggregators; sample
attributes, quoting
del, ins, big, small, br,
methods; input elements and
codes for Google Reader, My
attribute values, required
input types like text,
Yahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator,
attribute and values, case
password, radio, checkbox,
sensitivity, entering
hidden, submit, file, image,
comments, protecting
button; dropdown lists and
ampersand sign.
text areas; multiple forms.

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A collection of 15 FAQs on
A collection of 16 FAQs on
A collection of 7 FAQs on RSS
The article you are going to
Atom feed file structure and
Atom feed file standard.
(Really Simple Syndication).
read on this page refers to
elements. Clear answers are
Clear answers are provided
Clear answers are provided
what is blog/website pinging
provided with tutorial
with tutorial samples on
with tutorial samples on
and how it works. What is
samples on Atom feed
introduction to Atom feed
introduction to Website
XML RPC, and why we use it
documents and Atom entry
file standard; various ways
syndication technology; RSS
to deliver pings to content
documents; sub-elements of
to generate Atom feeds;
and Atom syndication file
update monitoring services
the feed and entry elements;
linking Atom feeds to Web
standards and versions.
such as Technorati. In this
generating contents for id,
article you will also learn
updated, and link
about how to get the best
out of the pings that you
send from different pinging

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