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Introduction to XML


XML Tutorial

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Coming straight to the point,
This tutorial describes:
Learn how to create an XML
XPointer, the XML Pointer
XML stands for EXtensible
Simple XML Elements with
document from scratch and
Language, defines an
Markup Language. As the name
Pre-defined Data Types
find out why XML is becoming
addressing scheme for
suggests, it is a language
Simple XML Elements with
so important. Topics covered
individual parts of an XML
that can be molded according
Extended Data Types Complex
include: popular XML
document. These addresses
to the need of the hour.
XML Elements Simple Content
editors, basic XML syntax,
can be used by any
Personally, I don't think
XML Elements Empty XML
how to properly nest your
application that needs to
calling it a language is
Elements Anomymous Data
XML tags, and much more.
identify parts of or
justified, but I fanatically
Types Sample XSD File -
locations in an XML
follow the ordinance of the
document. For instance, an
techie Gurus, and if they
XML editor could use an
say it is a language, then
XPointer to identify the
it is a language.
current position of the
insertion point or the range
of the selection. An
XInclude processor can use
an XPointer to determine
what part of a document to
include. And the URI in an
XLink can include an
XPointer fragment identifier
that locates one particular
element in the targeted
document. XPointers use the
same XPath syntax that
you're familiar with from
XSL transformations to
identify the parts of the
document they point to,
along with a few additional

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Date: Jul, 08 2005
XSL Formatting Objects
The recent rush to adopt XML
This paper will cover the
Provides a central location
(XSL-FO) are the second half
can be attributed in part to
following topics: HTML vs.
for everything that a
of the Extensible Stylesheet
the hope that the static
XHTML; XHTML modularization
developer needs to know
Language (XSL). XSL-FO is an
typing provided by DTDs (or
and XHTML Basic; well-formed
about XML technologies (XML,
XML application that
more sophisticated
XML documents; names and
XSLT, XLL, SVG and about 40
describes how pages will
mechanisms such as
namespaces; global
other categories). You will
look when presented to a
XML-Schema) will improve the
attributes and XLink;
find examples with Source
reader. A style sheet uses
robustness of data exchange
namespace URI and RDDL
Code, Tutorials, Tools,
the XSL transformation
and processing. However,
(XHTML Basic + XLink).
Resources, Books, etc.
language to transform an XML
although XML documents can
document in a semantic
be checked for conformance
vocabulary into a new XML
with DTDs, current XML
document that uses the
processing languages offer
XSL-FO presentational
no way of verifying that
vocabulary. While one can
programs operating on XML
hope that Web browsers will
structures will always
one day know how to directly
produce conforming outputs.
display data marked up with
XSL formatting objects, for
now an additional step is
necessary in which the
output document is further
transformed into some other
format, such as Adobe's PDF.

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