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IE Shortcut Editor

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XLnow OnScript

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Admin Script Editor

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Zeus for Windows

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IE Shortcut Editor is a
XLnow OnScript is an
Admin Script Editor (ASE)
A powerful programmer's IDE
Windows program for editing
integrated tool for writing,
offers administrators a
for the Windows platform.
Internet Shortcuts that
maintaining and running
targeted solution to
Features include Brief,
contain javascript code. The
scripts on Microsoft Windows
scripting with several
WordStar, Epsilon keyboard
javascript code can be
desktop and server systems.
features found nowhere else.
emulation, fully scriptable
edited with line breaks
The product's core
ASE supports VBScript,
using Java Script, Python,
included, and the line
components are the scripting
KiXtart, AutoIt and Batch
Lua or VB Script,
breaks are removed when the
code editor and a console
scripting languages and
URL file is saved. The
that can connect to multiple
offers: * Script Packager
management, integrated CVS
formatted code is also
machines to control script
Create secure executable
version control, class
stored in the Internet
execution and display script
packages from script with
browsing, code completion,
Shortcut URL file. IE
output. It is complemented
the ability to run with
intelli-sensing, ftp
Shortcut Editor is designed
by file templates and
alternate credentials. You
editing, syntax highlighting
to generally make it easier
wizards, an object browser,
may include support files,
and much more.
to manage Internet Shortcuts.
mechanisms for generating
dictate several security
script code and a library
options, specify an optional
for organizing script files.
system tray icon and tool
tip to display during
execution, and more. *
WMI Code Wizard Provides
sample data for properties
so you can choose which
properties you wish to use.
Extensive customization
options allow full control
over generated script
code. * ScriptSense See
the syntax for functions
appear as you type. As you
type each parameter for the
function, that parameter is
highlighted to help you keep
your place. * Integrated
Keyword Help ASE uses its
own database of syntax,
samples and more to provide
keyword help for all
supported languages right
within the editor! *
Collapsible code Organize
your script and make it more
readable with the ability to
collapse regions of code.

Date: Jan, 16 2005

Date: Dec, 31 2004

Date: Dec, 01 2004

Date: Oct, 19 2004
Editor/viewer to process
PHP Editors have reviewed
HTML2PHP converts your HTML
Bokai Barcode for Office is a
large number of files
many PHP Editors all with
scripts to PHP. It lets you
utility that generates
routinely. Automatically
user comments and ratings.
add variable names, replaces
barcode images for Microsoft
edits any number of files
The website also run PHP
double quotes with backslash
Office applications. It can
chosen by mask, replaces
Programming Contests each
double quotes, let you add
save barcode images to files
some predefined text with
month were entrants can win
new line (n) characters in
or copy them to the
another one and inserts some
their favourite Editors,
every line. Option to output
clipboard. Automation
predefined text immediately
Hosting, Books etc. The PHP
PHP with echo, print, printf
support allows operations to
after another one including
Help Forums are a great
or whatever you want.
be automated with macros to
file names. Allows to edit
source of knowledge as it
support mail merge for
files one-by-one or to
the new Tutorials Section.
example. It supports
transform all the files
rotation, fonts, colors,
together in a single pass
text positions. It supports
and see the result
25 barcode types: Code 39,
Code 128, UPC, EAN, etc. It
also comes with a ActiveX
control that can be used

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Date: Jul, 27 2004

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: Mar, 18 2004
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