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Web Developer

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Automation Anywhere

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MLEditor Standard Edition

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ADSI Scriptomatic

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Web Developer is a web
Automation Anywhere is an
1. Intelligent multi-language
The ADSI Scriptomatic is
development environment with
intelligent automation
reader and editor 2.
designed to help you write
a lot of functions that
software for business &
Transfers between
ADSI scripts; that is,
simplify typesetting,
IT tasks. Automate complex
Unicode/Unicode BE and ANSI
scripts that can be used to
navigating through your
tasks in minutes, without
(any language)/UTF-8 3.
manage Active Directory. The
code, testing, and site
any programming. Record
Full series of code transfer
ADSI Scriptomatic also
management. The software
keyboard & mouse or
services between Simplified
teaches you an important
supports customized
create automation scripts
Chinese (GBK) and
point about ADSI scripting:
shortcuts and autocompletes,
with wizards. Features SMART
Traditional Chinese (Big5)
like WMI, there are
syntax highlighting for
automation technology,
at professional quality
consistent patterns to ADSI
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl,
scheduler, repeat, multiple
based on leading intelligent
and PHP. You can break your
variable & debugging
high precision code transfer
code into sections and
support, interactive
engine 4. Professional
subsections and navigate
scripts, conditional, file
control editor 5. Handy
quickly between them. You
& Internet commands,
text file previewer and
can quickly access HTML,
Turbo-speed, customizable UI
editor 6. Desktop sticky
CSS, JavaScript, Perl, and
etc. Premier license allows
note and much more
PHP help indexes on the web
task to exe capability.
or on your local computer.
Project management: save
state between sessions
(including opened files and
cursor position), archive
project folder, update files
on the server. The software
is commercial, testing
period is not limited.

Date: Oct, 19 2006

Date: Oct, 26 2006

Date: Jul, 14 2005

Date: Aug, 17 2003
PSPad editor is a programmers
SplineTech VBS Debugger is an
A unique editor with
PHP Editors have reviewed
editor with support for
award-winning VBS
specialized functions for
many PHP Editors all with
multiple syntax highlighting
development tool that
HTML, VBScript, DHTML and
user comments and ratings.
profiles. It comes with a
enables you to easily edit
CSS. Also includes support
The website also run PHP
hex editor, CP conversion,
and debug .VBS files (VBS
for javascript and PHP.
Programming Contests each
text differences, templates,
scripts). Features full
Includes text color syntax
month were entrants can win
macros, spellcheck option,
support for JavaScript,
highlighting, format
their favourite Editors,
auto-completion, Code
Jscript, VBScript and MS
debugging. Built-in object
Hosting, Books etc. The PHP
Explorer and much more. The
Windows Scripting Host (WSH)
browser, color picker, color
Help Forums are a great
program is pre-configured
for both easy and complex
sampler. Toggling,
source of knowledge as it
for the most popular
VBS script debugging
resizable browser window to
the new Tutorials Section.
programming languages (VB,
view current HTML page.
C++, SQL, PHP, ASP, Python
Code completion auto-insert
etc.) and you can further
popup for VBS and CSS.
customize the syntax
Auto-insert buttons for HTML.
settings. PSPad includes
several additional tools
that are especially useful
for HTML editing (compress,
format code) and also
integrates TopStyle Lite and
TidyHTML. The program can be
used as IDE for any
compiler. Additional
features include support for
project, file browsing,
custom shortcuts, built-in
FTP client to edit files on
the server and much more.

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Date: Dec, 17 2006

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