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Creating your MySQL Database: Practical Design Tips and Techniques


Creating your MySQL Database: Practical Design Tips and Techniques

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“Creating your MySQL Database” book takes a practical approach, implementing all theoretical concepts with examples. It is a fast-paced tutorial that focuses on critical decisions that you need to make every time you build MySQL databases. It is rich with tips and advice from an experienced practitioner. “Creating your MySQL Database” is a short guide for everyone on how to structure your data and set-up your MySQL database tables efficiently and easily. This book has practical examples from initial ideas to final designs. This book doesn't set out to make you an expert in data analysis, but it does provide a quick and easy way to raise your game in this essential part of getting your application right.Anyone working with applications that use a MySQL database backend will benefit greatly from the advice and techniques in this book. Written by the creator of the popular phpMyAdmin tool, this book is a short but complete guide on how to design good data structures for MySQL.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Dec, 13 2006
Author: Marc Delisle, http://www.packtpub.com/creating-mysql-tips/book


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