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Flash Kit Community

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Flash-db Message Boards

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Best Flash Animation sites

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Shocked Flash Resource for
The largest Flash developer
The Flash-db message boards
Best Flash Animation Sites
Tutorials, Downloads,
community, over 45000
deal with all things
showcase 5 sites displayed
Support, Links, and more.
members, discussion forums,
relating to the integration
on the Vote Best Flash sites
open source files, sounds,
of Flash MX / 2004 with
page depending on the amount
loops, games, tutorials,
server side scripts, flash
of votes they receive. Each
promotions, competitions and
remoting, and database
week five new suggested
much more.
connectivity. Scripting
sites are added with the top
topics discussed include
three previous weeks sites
PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, Perl,
added to the archive.
and JSP. Database
discussions include MySQL,
Access, MSSQL, and others.
Data management including
XML and Soap. Also
including a variety of other
topics ranging from Servers
to Javascripting.

Date: Feb, 06 2003

Date: Oct, 15 2000

Date: Sep, 08 2003

Date: Sep, 05 2001
The purpose of this community
FlashMXFiles.com is a
Flashgimp is an online
Exposure for Artists, is set
is to provide a more
non-profit online Flash
resource site for
out to give the artists
professional and serious
community site that offers
Macromedia, Photoshop, Max,
exposure to knowledge and
forum for designers and
discussion forum and
2D, 3D, Flash, PHP scripting
the industry. Our flash
developers to interact among
resources for Flash
& development for the
forum has industry pros and
themselves and with
designers on the internet.
usergroup managers that are
employers. The focus is on
happy to help, also post up
simplicity of use and quick
your sites in our critics
loading. Features like file
uploads and sharing would
soon be provided.

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Date: Nov, 07 2002
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