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DataMorph is an intuitive, easy to use data conversion tool that supports conversion to and from database systems, XML and delimited or fixed width ascii files. DataMorph provides functions to manipulate the data and it's hierarchical structure or schema within the conversion process, so the data can be taken to the desired format and schema in a single step. DataMorph is built using the Java language. This means that the application is platform independent and can be run on any computer that supports the Java JVM, including Windows, MacIntosh, Linux and most other Unix flavors. Additionally, as DataMorph uses Java JDBC to connect to database systems, it can connect to any of the major databases (MSSQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, MySQL, Advantage...)
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, Mac OSX
Date: Feb, 17 2005
Author: Qoppa Software, http://www.qoppa.com/dmindex.html


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