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FeedForAll Mac

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Feed Editor RSS Creator

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Create, edit, and publish rss
The simple and elegant look
XML ActiveX component for
You want to create
feeds, podcasts for iTunes.
of the oXygen combined with
parsing and creating XML.
professional RSS feeds but
New RSS feeds and podcasts
the complete coverage of the
Advanced API for XML
you have no time learn RSS
can be quickly edited or
XML editing features have
compression, XML encryption,
technology. Feed Editor is
created with FeedForAll Mac.
made it popular in both the
and handling XML binary
solution for you! Feed
Advanced support includes
corporate and academic
content. Fully
Editor performs all
name space extensions
worlds. It provides the
internationalized to handle
operations instead of you.
allowing users to make
necessary tools for the
any language / character
It works with different RSS
iTunes, Yahoo and Microsoft
document creation and
formats, import text from
compatible feeds. Existing
presentation. Oxygen is
CSV and HTML files, helps
RSS feeds can be repaired
an XML Editor, XSLT/XQuery
you to edit HTML in WYSIWYG
and enhanced with FeedForAll
Debugger and Schema Editor
editor, edit XML and
Mac. Automatic publication
in Java. Can validate XML,
pictures, gives you ability
date handling and field
view RSS feeds and publish
defaults enables users to
Schematron and XSL. Features
them, support RSS feeds
keep their feeds up to date
XSLT transformation and FOP
export to HTML, CSV and
with minimal effort.
support, code insight,
outliner, SVN Client and
native XML Databases
support. Version 8.0 of
the <oXygen/> XML
Editor adds as main features
a spreadsheet-like XML Grid
Editor, management support
for both XML and relational
databases: Berkeley XML
Database, eXist, IBM DB2
PureXML, MarkLogic,
Microsoft SQLServer 2005,
Oracle 10g R2, RainingData
TigerLogic XDMS, SoftwareAG
Tamino and XHive XML
Database, options and
transformation scenarios
that can be stored into the
project file and support for
NVDL (Namespace-based
Validation Dispatching
Language) scripts.

Date: Nov, 30 2006

Date: Nov, 21 2006

Date: Nov, 13 2006

Date: Oct, 17 2006
Feed Mix is a feature-rich
Altova XMLSpy 2006 is the
EditiX is an XML editor and
RSS Wizard is an HTML to RSS
RSS editor with the unique
industry standard XML
XSLT debugger for Windows,
converter than can generate
ability to create a new RSS
development environment for
Linux and Mac OS X designed
the RSS feed out of
feed from several others
modeling, editing,
to help web authors and
virtually any web page
that already exist. Along
transforming, and debugging
application programmers take
without having to edit it
with this, you will discover
XML-related technologies. It
advantage of the latest XML
first. RSS Wizard generates
all the tools necessary for
offers the world's leading
and XML-related technologies
RSS 2.0 feeds and allows you
creation, editing and
XML editor, the original
such as XSLT / FO, DocBook
to create, edit and publish
publication of RSS feeds and
graphical schema designer, a
and XSD Schema. EditiX
an unlimited number of RSS
podcasts. This includes a
code generator, file
provides users with an
channels. The program has a
WYSIWYG feed editor, a
converters, debuggers,
extensive range of XML
great collection of features
built-in RSS reader, a blog
profilers, support for XSLT,
functionality within a
such as the built-in
client, an HTML editor, an
XQuery, WSDL, SOAP, .NET and
refined IDE that guides you
scheduler, autodetecting of
image editor, an XML editor
Eclipse integration, and
with intelligent entry
RSS tags, command line
and an FTP upload facility.
more. It's a vital tool for
support, XML editor and
XML, Web services, and
built-in FTP client.
database developers.

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Date: Aug, 14 2006
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