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What is XML Sapiens?


What is XML Sapiens?

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The number of commercial CMSs is diligently growing up. Many of open standards have been approved lately. They allow to structure information within sites, separate it from design, but the most of CMSs still donít follow them. The XSLT standard exists for quite a long time. It allows to form documents from different sources: XML-files with structured document contents and an XSL-template with the description how the document will be presented at the site. Besides, document forming can be performed at the client side. Well, XSLT is a perfect solution in conception, but practically it is used quite rarely within CMSs. Why? Maybe we need new solutions, which include features of the open standards and are easy to use. One of those solutions can be XML Sapiens markup language. So, what is XML Sapiens?
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Date: Dec, 07 2006
Author: Dmitry Sheiko, http://xmlsapiens.org/news/2006/12/06/993/


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