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What is XML Sapiens?

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Tips and Tricks to Learn VoiceXML

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What are Newsfeeds?

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The number of commercial CMSs
There are a number of tips
RSS and Atom are XML formats
To deliver information to a
is diligently growing up.
and tricks you can utilize
for messages and other
user a site is needed. Web
Many of open standards have
in order to learn VoiceXML.
information that is updated
site content should be
been approved lately. They
Perhaps one of the most
frequently. The documents
managed and that involves
allow to structure
important factors in
that are written in these
separation data from its
information within sites,
learning this system is
formats are called
presentation. The task is
separate it from design, but
usability testing. Before
"newfeeds" or
still often solved with the
the most of CMSs still donít
you start any project, it is
"feeds". Get an
help of templates in program
follow them. The XSLT
something you will want to
overview about scenarios,
technologies. Though now we
standard exists for quite a
utilize. If you are not
softwares, requirements,
have XSLT technology at our
long time. It allows to form
familiar with the concept of
syntax and more.
disposal. Any document can
documents from different
usability testing, you will
be represented with data
sources: XML-files with
want to make it a
that is structured in detail
structured document contents
fundamental part of your
with the help of XSL. It is
and an XSL-template with the
VoiceXML lessons
quite enough to report the
description how the document
corresponding XSL template
will be presented at the
to define a proper graphic
site. Besides, document
presentation for the data.
forming can be performed at
XSL language is polymorphous
the client side. Well, XSLT
and permits high flexibility
is a perfect solution in
in format changes of
conception, but practically
documents. This might
it is used quite rarely
seem to be St.Grail of web
within CMSs. Why? Maybe we
development - we add XSL
need new solutions, which
tools to our arsenal and
include features of the open
shorten the time of the
standards and are easy to
project development thus
use. One of those solutions
raising its quality. But
can be XML Sapiens markup
perhaps we lost sight of a
language. So, what is XML
significant something. Read
this article about it

Date: Dec, 07 2006

Date: Nov, 20 2006

Date: Dec, 16 2005

Date: Mar, 01 2005
Have you ever looked for an
A lot has been written, said,
This article explains why XML
Even during these early
Open Source CMS for your
and discussed about the
Schema beats DTDs hands-down
stages of the evangelism of
site? We are sure that you
Extensible Markup Language
for data. It looks at four
Web services, customers have
definitely have faced some
(XML). As a result, there is
features of XML Schema that
already begun to ask how
problems while developing
a lot of confusion and chaos
are particularly suited to
this technology differs from
functional models. Maybe you
regarding exactly what XML
data representation, and
CORBA. Isnít it just another
even had to turn down some
means. Is it a language,
shows some examples of each.
form of distributed
nice ideas about interface
document, modeling tool,
Code samples include XSD
computing? In this
and content. Most likely you
e-Business application, or
schemas and schema fragments.
installment of the Web
thought "It would be
none of the above? What
services architect, Dan
cool if there were a macro
exactly does XML have to
Gisolfi offers a brief
language to describe my site
offer? Why does it matter?
overview of the differences
interfaces without any
Furthermore, what does XML
between SOAP, DCOM, and
limitations to predefined
bring to the table that
CORBA and suggests a value
stamps". This article
other languages, documents,
proposition for Web services
introduces XML Sapiens - a
tools, and applications have
within the distributed
tool to turn your ideas into
not been able to do in
computing realm.
life, giving you the power
myriad other ways?
to set your site alive!

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