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Data Recovery from hard
Create PDF files from HTML
Supports nested tables,
IndexBuilder allows you to
drives, raid, snap
documents, including HTML
advanced CSS properties,
catalog all your PDF files.
servers, tapes, memory
with advanced table
floating DHTML elements,
It allows you to convert
cards, all storage media
formatting and embedded
non-Latin character sets,
your images or documents
devices and operating
XHTML and non-XHTML tags and
into searchable PDF files
systems.Serving USA and rest
properties, and much more.
of the world from the past
Nearly any website, even
HTML and more. You can
15 years with 15 full
very complex ones like
search through your PDF
service data recovery labs
Yahoo.com, can be accurately
files and index them based
around the globe.
converted to PostScript or
on keywords. You can view
PDF. Nearly a dozen
your PDF files without Adobe
advanced formatting options
Acrobat and batch rename
to control the way that the
them as well. It contains
output PostScript or PDF
useful PDF manipulation
file is displayed, including
functions. IndexBuilder is
Landscape vs. Portrait
a complete file management
option, and ability to hide
utility for your PDF files.
images for faster
processing. Several
powerful output processing
options, including the
ability to send the output
directly to the browser or
save on the server, and the
ability to create PostScript
or PDF files. view Eight
different paper sizes
available through the
"Media" option.
Over a dozen character
encoding methods available
for non-Latin page output.
Convert pages that are
written in most languages
and character sets,
including Russian and
Eastern Languages. 100% of
the source code (a set of
PHP and .ps files) included
with your download.
Backwards-compatible to PHP

Date: Apr, 19 2005

Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005
novaPDF Pro installs as a
novaPDF SDK is a PDF software
Office2PDF is a small batch
PDF-to-Text is a program to
printer driver and helps you
development kit that can be
converter for Microsoft
convert PDF documents into
generate the PDF files by
used by software developers
Office Documents like Word,
ASCII text format with a
simply selecting the
and programmers to include
Excel and Powerpoint. This
minimum loss of formatting
"print" command
the ability to create PDF
Document types will be
from any application
files in their own
converted to the popular PDF
(convert from Word, Excel,
applications. It contains a
format. Conversion
PowerPoint, AutoCad, emails
COM interface for
settings like ghostscript
or web pages). You can
customizing novaPDF options,
path, ghostscript options,
password protect the PDF
a silent installer for
postscript printer name,
files you create and
novaPDF that can be
output directory and more
permissions can be
distributed with your
can be set in a
restricted to prevent the
software, novaPDF SDK
configuration file
document from being viewed,
documentation and code
config.ini. After simply
printed, modified, copied or
executing the office2pdf.exe
annotated. 40-bit and
all documents in the
128-bit novaPDF can detect
specified directory will be
the headings in the printed
converted to PDF. The
document and add bookmarks
converted documents can be
in the generated PDF files.
found in a subdirectory
You have to define the text
attributes for the document
headings (font, size, style,
color) and for the generated
bookmarks. novaPDF Pro is
compatible with Windows
2000/XP/2003 Server. novaPDF
can automatically detect
hyperlinks in a document and
convert them into clickable
links in the resulted PDF
file. Other features:
modify the paper
size/resolution (72 to 2400
dpi), fonts embedding,
compress text/images, send
the PDF via email and more.
novaPDF is currently
localized in 17 languages.

Date: Oct, 13 2006

Date: Oct, 13 2006

Date: Jul, 12 2006

Date: Jan, 23 2006
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